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Author Topic: Do you own TARGET COMICS v1 #7 or #8? DCM Needs Your Help! Please read...  (Read 2078 times)

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Hey Gang!
We're desperately trying to complete Basil Wolverton's wonderful SPACEHAWK feature that ran inside of Novelty's TARGET COMICS for 30 issues.  We are just two stories short of the complete run of the feature.  Target Comics v1 #7 and #8 still elude us.

Click on thumbnails to see larger images

Unfortunately we haven't had much luck tracking them down so we are reaching out directly to the public in hopes someone out there with great taste and an open heart might be willing to scan these two elusive issues for us.  Or even just the Spacehawk stories so everyone can finally see them all on the site - for free!  Ideally they would be scanned at 300dpi for us to edit in Photoshop before sharing the final results.

We can even arrange to have your books scanned for you.  Trusted DCM Staffer RANGERHOUSE would be happy to safely scan and return your book to you and we can take care of the rest of the process.  Ranger has scanned thousands of books for generous people that shared them with us.  His amazing scanner is the bee's knees.  You can see pictures of it in this old topic if you scroll down a bit.

Please use the CONTACT US link FOUND HERE, or on the Download site under the main banner.  We can help you through the process.

BTW, these two stories have been reprinted more than once but we can't share modern reprints on the site for copyright reasons.  We need scans made from an original comic.

And if you happened to own other pre-1960 golden-age comics please give our WANTED LIST a look and see if they are still needed for the site ON THIS LINK HERE.  There are about 5000 books we would love to find for sharing on the site!

Thanks for taking the time to read this.  Take care,

Digital Comic Museum