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   We are the best site for downloading FREE public domain Golden Age Comics. All files here have been researched by our staff and users to make sure they are copyright free and in the public domain. To start downloading just register an account and enjoy these great comic books. We do not charge per download and the goal of the project is to archive these comic books online and make them widely available.

DCM Archives and Collections
Here are a variety of collections or 'archives' of individual characters or popular artists.
Not specific to any one publisher or theme but popular enough to warrant extra attention from fandom. We recommend all of them for excellent entertainment value.
Latest Download: Ray, The - The Complete Collection (Quality) -inc
Files Available: 232
Canadian Comics
During the Second World War there was a foreign-exchange crisis which led to a ban being placed on the importation of U.S. comics. This period, which witnessed an explosion of English-Canadian comic book publishing, is now described as the Canadian Golden Age of Comics.

Featured publishers include - Maple Leaf Publishing in Vancouver and the Toronto-based firms Anglo-American, Hillborough Studios, and Commercial Signs of Canada (later called Bell Features)

You can read more about the history of Canadian Whites at this link -

Ivan Kocmarek has an online index here - http://canadasowncomics.com/
Latest Download: Bruce Gentry 008
Files Available: 151
Sub-Categories: Anglo-American Pub Com Ltd. | Superior
Charlton Comics
Charlton Comics Group 1944-1986

NOTE - due to DCM's rule of Not sharing books post Dec 1959 several Charlton titles are incomplete on DCM
Latest Download: Lash LaRue Western 071
Files Available: 1399
Sub-Categories: Atom the Cat | Atomic Mouse | Atomic Rabbit | Atomic Bunny | Attack v1 only | Badge of Justice | Battlefield Action | Billy the Kid | Black Fury (regular and giveaway series) | Blue Beetle | Bo | Brides in Love | Bulls-Eye | Captain Gallant | Charlie Chan | Cheyenne Kid | Cowboy Love | Cowboy Western | Crime And Justice | Danger | Danger and Adventure | Danny Blaze | Davy Crockett | Don Winslow of the Navy | Eh! | Fightin' Air Force | Fightin' Army | Fightin' Marines | Fightin' Navy | First Kiss | Foreign Intrigues | Foxhole | Freddy | From Here to Insanity | Frontier Scout: Dan'l Boone | Funny Animals | Gabby Hayes | Hillbilly Comics | Hot Rods and Racing Cars | I Love You | Jack-in-the-Box Comics | Jerry Drummer | Johnny Dynamite | Just Married | Kid Montana | Lash Larue Western | Lawbreakers | Lawbreakers Suspense Stories | Li'l Genius | Li'l Rascal Twins | Li'l Tomboy | Long John Silver and the Pirates | Love Diary | Masked Raider | Maverick Marshal | Monte Hale Western | Mr. Muscles | My Little Margie | My Little Margie's Boyfriends | My Little Margie's Fashions | My Secret Life | Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds | Nature Boy | Negro Romance | Never Again | Nyoka the Jungle Girl | Outer Space | Outlaws of the West | Out Of This World | Pictorial Love Stories | Police Trap | Public Defender in Action | Pudgy Pig | Racket Squad | Ramar of the Jungle | Range Busters | Robin Hood and His Merry Men | Rock and Rollo | Rocky Lane Western | Rocky Lane's Black Jack | Romantic Secrets | Romantic Story | Rookie Cop | Scotland Yard | Secrets of Love and Marriage | Secrets of Young Brides | Sheriff of Tombstone | Six-Gun Heroes | Soldier and Marine Comics | Space Adventures | Space War | Space Western | Speed Demons | Strange Suspense Stories | Submarine Attack | Sunset Carson | Sweetheart Diary | Sweethearts | Tales of the Mysterious Traveler | Teen Confessions | Teen-Age Love | Terry and the Pirates | Texas Rangers in Action | Tex Ritter Western | Thing, The | This Is Suspense | This Magazine Is Crazy | This Magazine Is Haunted (1954) | This Magazine Is Haunted (1957) | Tim McCoy | Timmy the Timid Ghost | Tom Cat | True Life Secrets | TV Teens | U. S. Air Force Comics | Unusual Tales | War at Sea | Wild Bill Hickok | Wild Bill Hickok and Jingles | Wild Frontier | Wyatt Earp Frontier Marshal | Yellowjacket Comics | Young Eagle | Young Lovers | Zaza the Mystic | Zoo Funnies v1+2
Chesler Comics
Harry "A" Chesler Comics 1937-1946

Chesler (the "A" stood for "Anything") was a comic book packager and publisher. He operated a packaging studio more or less continuously from the mid-30s through 1953, and at times also operated as a publisher.
In 1941 Chesler published with Dynamic Publications, Inc. From this point on, most of Chesler's comics would be branded with a logo proclaiming them the "World's Greatest Comics". In 1941-1942, this also identified each issue as "A Dynamic Publication". After just over half a year, Dynamic ceased publishing, he continued producing a few books through surrogates.
The surrogate activity picks up dramatically in 1944, leading into Chesler's third major wave of publishing. In place of "A Dynamic Publication" these had "Harry "A" Chesler, Jr.". Junior, however, was the son of Chesler the publisher, a point of much confusion for latter-day comics researchers. This period lasted through 1946, after which the ongoing titles were continued in Canada by Superior Publishers through early 1948. Chesler continued to run his art shop, but no longer published his own comics after 1946.
Latest Download: Red Seal Comics 016 (SOTI)(now c2c)
Files Available: 100
Sub-Categories: Dynamic Comics (v1+2) | Major Victory Comics | Punch Comics (v1+2) | Red Seal Comics (v1+2) | Scoop Comics (1941+44) | Spotlight Comics | Yankee Comics
Columbia Comics
Columbia Comics Corporation 1940-1949
Latest Download: Dixie Dugan 03
Files Available: 142
Sub-Categories: Big Shot Comics/Big Shot | Dixie Dugan | Mickey Finn | Skyman | Sparky Watts
Cupples and  Leon Co.
Cupples and Leon Co. 1902-1956

In 1903, Cupples & Leon collected such strips as The Katzenjammer Kids. Alphonse and Gaston, Happy Hooligan, On and Off the Ark, Poor Lil Mose and The Tigers. Their major competitor in books of comic strip reprints was Frederick A. Stokes, who died in 1939.

To reprint comic strips, the company offered, for 25 cents, a square-bound paperback format of 52 pages of black-and-white strips between flexible cardboard covers. Between 1906 and 1934, Cupples & Leon published more than 100 titles in that format. They collected Bringing Up Father, Little Orphan Annie, Reg'lar Fellers, Smitty, Tillie the Toiler and other leading strips of the 1920s and 1930s.[2] They left the comic strip reprint field in 1934, concentrating on their juvenile lines, just as the modern day comic book was introduced that same year with Famous Funnies.

Victor Cupples died in Mount Vernon, New York in July 1941. Arthur Leon, who lived in New Rochelle, New York, died in December 1943, and his wife, Louise Heroy Leon, died five years later in February 1948.

The Platt and Munk publishing firm acquired Cupples & Leon in 1956.
Latest Download: America's Black and White Book (1917) c2c
Files Available: 9
Dell Comics
Dell Publishing Co., Inc. 1936-1973

Dell was founded in 1921 and first published comics with 1929's "The Funnies", which looked like a newspaper insert but was distributed on newsstands. Eastern Color Printing Company was involved with several of Dell's earliest comic book ventures, although the exact nature of each partnership is not always clear. The company's comic book division folded in 1973, although Dell continued to publish the occasional book with comics content, including newspaper strip collections. Dell became part of Bantam Doubleday Dell in 1988, ceasing to exist as an independent company.
-"The American Comic Book: The Evolutionary Era, 1884-1939" by Denis Gifford.
Latest Download: 4c0094-Winnie Winkle (c2c) -upgrade
Files Available: 697
Sub-Categories: Animal Comics | Ben Bowie and His Mountain Men | Buck Jones | Charlie McCarthy | Christmas Books | Comics, The | Crackajack Funnies | Dell Four Color - Do NOT Upload | Dell Junior Treasury | Fairy Tale Parade | Flying A's Range Rider | Funnies, The | Gene Autry Comics | Gene Autrys Champion | Henry Aldrich | Howdy Doody | Indian Chief | Jace Pearson | Johnny Mack Brown | Popped Wheat Giveaways | Popular Comics | Rex Allen | Smilin Jack | Smitty | Tom Corbett Space Cadet | War Comics/War Stories | War Heroes | Wild Bill Elliott | Winnie Winkle
D.S. Publishing
D.S. Publishing 1947-1951
Latest Download: Whodunit 02 -JVJ
Files Available: 78
Sub-Categories: Exposed | Gangsters Can't Win | Outlaws | Pay-Off | Public Enemies | Roundup | Underworld
Government Pamphlets
'In the U.S.A, any work created by a federal government employee or officer is in the public domain, provided that the work was created in that person’s official capacity.'

USA government publications are in the Public Domain and therefore can be shared here.
We do reserve the right to limit uploads to this section when needed.
NOTE - many of these govt comics can be found as PDF versions on
Richard Graham's "Government Comics Collection" site, part of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Image & Multimedia Collections:

Additional materials courtesy Ethan Persoff,
Latest Download: Fight to Save America's Waters
Files Available: 142
Sub-Categories: Navy History and Tradition | PS, The Preventive Mainteance Monthly
Holyoke Publishing
Holyoke Publishing Company 1940-1950

Imprints - Et-Es-Go Mags, Continental Magazines, HELNIT Publishing Co. and TEM Publishing Co.

Associated publishers Nita Publishing Co., Narrative Publ., Bilbara Publishing Co. and Aviation Press
Latest Download: Cat-Man Comics 014 (diff ver) -c2c
Files Available: 204
Sub-Categories: Blue Beetle | Captain Aero Comics | Captain Fearless Comics | Cat-Man Comics | Contact Comics | Crash Comics | Cyclone Comics | Foodini | Holyoke One-Shot | Power Comics | Sparkling Stars | Suspense Comics | Terrific Comics | Veri Best Sure Fire Comics | Veri Best Sure Shot Comics | Whirlwind Comics
I. W. Publishing / Super Comics

1958 - 1964
Founded by Israel Waldman.
Latest Download: Gunfighters 016 (IW)
Files Available: 226
Key Publications
Key Publications 1951-1956

Imprints - Timor Publications, Gillmor Magazines, Stanley P. Morse; Aragon Magazines, Medal Comics, Stanmor Publications
Latest Download: Navy Task Force 004 (paper) -c2c
Files Available: 132
Sub-Categories: Action Adven / Real Adventure Comics | Battle Attack | Battle Cry | Battle Fire | Battle Squadron | Blazing Western | Crime Detector | Flying Aces | Ideal Romance | Mister Mystery | Navy Task Force | Radiant Love | Western Rough Riders | Weird Mysteries | Weird Tales of the Future
Orbit Pub. covering: Our/Wanted/Toytown/Taffy/Patches Pub. Co

Ray R. Hermann publications
Latest Download: Wanted Comics 40
Files Available: 176
Sub-Categories: Love Diary | Love Journal | Patches | Taffy | Toytown | Wanted Comics | The Westerner
Spark Publications
Spark Publications 1944-1946
Latest Download: Atoman 02
Files Available: 14
Sub-Categories: Atoman Comics | Golden Lad | Green Lama
Latest Download: Tormented 002 (diff ver)-c2c
Files Available: 20
Sub-Categories: The Informer - After Dark | Captain Flash
Story Comics
Story/Merit/Master group. 1951-1955
Latest Download: Mysterious Adventures 004 (diff ver)
Files Available: 102
Sub-Categories: Dark Mysteries | Fight Against Crime | Fighting War Stories | Mysterious Adventures | Romantic Hearts
Trojan Magazines
Trojan Magazines 1950-1955
Latest Download: Crime Smashers 003 (diff ver) -JVJ
Files Available: 70
Sub-Categories: Attack! | Beware | Crime Mysteries | Crime Smashers | Youthful Romances | Western Crime Busters
UK/Australian and NZ Comics
A home for foreign reprints of known US comic titles.
Please do not upload anything printed after 1959 or that contains known non-PD material in these countries.
Latest Download: Captain Marvel UK Annual 1953
Files Available: 191
Sub-Categories: Arnold Book Company (UK) | L. Miller & Son (UK)
Classic Newspaper Comic Strips
Classic Newspaper comic strips

A variety of strips our members think others might enjoy.

You might try the ILoveComicxArchive site -
Latest Download: Our Boarding House 1938 dailies
Files Available: 245
Sub-Categories: Buster Brown | Captain Easy | Gasoline Alley | Little Nemo | Myra North, Special Nurse | Napoleon | Oaky Doaks | Our Boarding House | Out Our Way | Polly and Her Pals | Vignettes of Life | War On Crime
Various scans that don't fit into a convenient category.
Latest Download: George Washington's Railroad
Files Available: 78
A home for orphaned or 'Grossly Mistreated' (GM) scans. They are small and watermarked. We frankly don't like them but for some they are the only scans available.

These are best thought of as placeholders until hopefully a better scan can be uploaded. Anyone that owns one of these books PLEASE consider scanning and sharing a better scan!

If you have a GM scan of a book ALREADY on the site please don't upload it.
If you have a GM scan of something NOT on the site or that ours is incomplete or fiche, please DO upload it to this folder.

Sub-par non GM scans we hope will someday be replaced will also be hosted in this folder.
Latest Download: Wilbur 20
Files Available: 70
Unsorted Files
Scans not yet sorted.
Latest Download: No Files in this Category
Files Available: 0

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