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Author Topic: It's our SIXTH BIRTHDAY!  (Read 1301 times)

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« on: March 27, 2016, 11:03:00 PM »
http://digitalcomicmuseum.com/images/DCM banner32-6th ann month-animated-B-day2.gif

Hi Gang and a mighty HAPPY BIRTHDAY to everyone!

We've been running for six years and hope to see it go many more but we sure couldn't have done it without all of you along for the ride!

This past year we had another FTP Access Month in May which was a smash hit even with the odd hiccup.  We plan to have another FTP Access month but haven't nailed down exactly when. Stay tuned!

Soon after we debuted a full paper scan of one of the more rare books ever printed in the golden age - COLOSSUS COMICS #1!  This was done from an incomplete book with Rangerhouse scans, Yoc edits and fills from justcomical.

Even Bigger News was the DCM debut of Fiction Houses' JUMBO COMICS #1 to 8.  Several stars of comics art got their feet wet in these books include Bob Kane, Jack Kirby, Dick Briefer and Will Eisner.  These were the first American books produced by the Eisner-Iger shop.  One of the most influential shops ever to produce comics at their height working for Quality, Fox, Fiction House and many others.  Eisner would leave and create The Spirit for newspaper syndication.  Legendary editor Darwination came out of semi-retirement to edit Jumbo 1 for us.  Thanks D!

SteveD did a great job on his Complete Mystic Moot and his Magic Snoot by Wolverton collection as well.  A great debut collection and we've been assured there will be another.

OtherEric and myself were proud to release our first Peter Wheat Omnibus volume collecting PWN 25-27.  With any luck we hope to produce more.

New scanners and editors this past year- Kracalactaka, comicwanderer, Calamity Jon, INABUICK, Hayabusa449.  Kracalactaka has made a big impact on the site filling many holes in the MLJ/Archie collections.  He's also generously donated three of his hand crafted decoupage small comic storage boxes for a raffle that ran this month.  Thanks K!

New Comic Donors - Denny, TC and titansfan - special thanks to KingFaraday for sending us more this year.

And a very, very special thank-you to Super financial donor petown who has gone way above and beyond helping keep the lights on with our server bill last year.

The JVJ Project has soldiered on another year.  Jim introduced himself back on September 19, 2008 back in the old GAC days when he offered access to his collection to basically a bunch of strangers!  Jim, Sooth and Rangerhouse along with a handful of dedicated editors have brought by my count we have scanned approximately 3300+ of JVJ's personal collection to the site.  Thanks guys and especially to Jim for being so immensely generous with both DCM and CB+.  We owe him so much!

That's all for now, it's getting late here.  But I'll add more tomorrow.  Meanwhile be sure to check out the new 2016 DCM Anniversary Gifts Section where a super selection of books by several of our top scanners and editors have been collected to mark this our big day!  Thanks so much you guys!  They will all be moved to their proper folders after a week or two.

Take care and as I always say - enjoy the scans!

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