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Author Topic: It's our SIXTH BIRTHDAY! - A Deluge of New Scans!  (Read 1670 times)

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It's our SIXTH BIRTHDAY! - A Deluge of New Scans!
« on: April 01, 2016, 05:11:36 PM »
http://digitalcomicmuseum.com/images/DCM banner32-6th ann month-animated-B-day2.gif

Hi Gang, sorry for not sharing this sooner.
On March 28th we celebrated our SIXTH Anniversary of DCM!  As always we say DCM is a wonderful success only because of it's members and those that scan, edit and share their books and most importantly those out there that donate their hard cash to keep the lights on!  Thanks to all of you!!

This year we debuted another amazing number of scans to mark our bid day.  Special thanks to Soothsayr, Movielover, Kracalactaka, rangerhouse, JonTheScanner, Freddyfly, nonny moose, titansfan, CBpop, loftypilot, fett, dsdaboss and srca1941.

Here's the list:
All-Famous Crime 04      -Kracalactaka
All-Famous Crime 05      -Kracalactaka
Baffling Mysteries 026 (Ace1955)(alt scan-c2c) -Sooth-Loftypilot.cbz
The Barker 013    -freddyfly
Beware Terror Tales 005 [Fawcett1952][alt scan-c2c] -RH+CBpop.cbz
Big Chief Wahoo 001 (soothsayr-movielover-Novus).cbz
Big Shot 069 [Columbia1946][alt scan] -Soothsayr+Yoc.cbz
Blue Beetle 036 (diff ver)(soothsayr-movielover-Novus).cbz
Captain Midnight 001 [Fawcett 1942] (paper)(c2c) -Soothsayr+nonny moose.cbz
Don Fortune 003    -freddyfly
Egbert 002    -titansfan
Egbert 004    -titansfan
Egbert 012    -titansfan
Exciting Comics 012 (paper)(soothsayr-movielover-Novus).cbz
Exciting Comics 021 (soothsayr-movielover-Novus).cbz
Exciting Comics 024 (soothsayr-movielover-Novus).cbz
Fawcetts Funny Animals 015  -freddyfly
Fawcetts Funny Animals 030  -freddyfly
Fawcetts Funny Animals 052  -freddyfly
Fighting Yank 014 (diff ver)(c2c)(soothsayr-movielover-Novus).cbz
Fighting Yank 021 [Nedor1947][original]-c2c -Soothsayr+Yoc.cbz
Flying Saucers nn [Avon1952][alt scan] -Soothsayr+CBPop.cbz
Four Favorites 023 [Ace1946](diff ver)(c2c) -soothsayr-movielover-Novus.cbz
Four Favorites 025 [Ace1946](c2c) -soothsayr-movielover-Novus.cbz
Funny Picture Stories v3 002   -dsdaboss
GI Joe v6 047 [Ziff-Davis1956](diff ver)(c2c) -Soothsayr+G.I. Joey.cbz
Ginger 02  -Kracalactaka
Ginger 03  -Kracalactaka
Jo-Jo 002 (soothsayr-movielover-Novus).cbz
Jo-Jo 005 (soothsayr-movielover-Novus).cbz
Kid Eternity 001 [Quality1946]-c2c -Soothsayr+Yoc.cbz
Master Comics 018 (all paper)(soothsayr-movielover-Novus).cbz
Master Comics 020 (paper)(soothsayr-movielover-Novus).cbz
My Romantic Adventures 106 -fixed       -Kracalactaka.cbz
National Comics 027 (rangerhouse-movielover-Novus).cbz
Perfect Crime 006 [Cross1950] -Soothsayr+Loftypilot.cbz
Plastic Man 025 [Quality1950](diff ver)(c2c) -Soothsayr+nonny moose.cbz
Plastic Man 061 [Quality1956](diff ver)(c2c) -Soothsayr+nonny moose.cbz
Romantic Adventures 22    -Kracalactaka
Spirit Section 1941-03-09 (Phil. Record) -Ger Apeldoorn+Yoc.cbz
Spirit Section 1941-05-18 (Phil. Record) -Ger Apeldoorn+Yoc.cbz
Spirit Section 1941-05-25 (Phil. Record) -Ger Apeldoorn+Yoc.cbz
Spirit Section 1941-06-01 (Phil. Record) -Ger Apeldoorn+Yoc.cbz
Spirit Section 1941-06-08 (Phil. Record) -Ger Apeldoorn+Yoc.cbz
Spirit Section 1941-07-13 (Phil. Record) -Ger Apeldoorn+Yoc.cbz
Spirit Section 1941-07-27 (Phil. Record) -Ger Apeldoorn+Yoc.cbz
Spirit Section 1941-08-03 (Phil. Record) -Ger Apeldoorn+Yoc.cbz
Startling Comics 020 (paper)(rangerhouse+soothsayr fills-movielover-Novus).cbz
Strong Man 002 (ME1955)-c2c -Soothsayr+Loftypilot.cbz
Sunset Carson 003 c2c        -fett
Super Duck 013    -Kracalactaka
Super Duck 040    -Kracalactaka
Super Duck 013    -Kracalactaka
Suzie 54    -Kracalactaka
Suzie 59    -Kracalactaka
Suzie 63    -Soothsayr+Kracalactaka
Suzie 71    -Soothsayr+Kracalactaka
Suzie 72    -Soothsayr+Kracalactaka
Suzie 77    -Soothsayr+Kracalactaka
Suzie 79    -Kracalactaka
Suzie 83    -Soothsayr+Kracalactaka
Suzie 86    -Soothsayr+Kracalactaka
Suzie 87    -Soothsayr+Kracalactaka
Thrilling Comics 013 (paper+4 fiche)(rangerhouse-movielover-Novus).cbz
Thrilling Comics 017 (paper+2 fiche) (rangerhouse-movielover-Novus).cbz
Thrilling Comics 032   -srca1941
Thrilling Comics 044 (soothsayr-movielover-Novus).cbz
Wilbur 9 (missing ifc & ibc)    -Kracalactaka
Wilbur 11    -Kracalactaka
Wilbur 15    -Kracalactaka
Wilbur 17    -Kracalactaka
Wilbur 24    -Kracalactaka
Wilbur 26    -Kracalactaka
Wilbur 35    -Kracalactaka
Wonder Comics 015 (soothsayr-movielover-Novus).cbz
Wonder Comics 018 (diff ver)(c2c)(soothsayr-movielover-Novus).cbz
X-Venture 001 (3rd ver)(Victory Mag. Corp.)-c2c -Soothsayr+Loftypilot.cbz
Worlds Greatest Stories 002-Pinocchio     -soothsayr+CBpop
Zoot 001 (soothsayr-movielover-Novus).cbz

and some classic newspaper strips from JonTheScanner -
Bringing Up Father_1929_Sundays_b+w.cbz
Bringing Up Father_1936_Sundays_b+w.cbz
Bungle Family_1929_Sundays_b+w.cbz
Just Kids_1929_Sundays_b+w.cbz
Just Kids_1936_Sundays_b+w.cbz
Our Boarding House_1936_dailies_(3-16_to_12-31).cbz
Our Boarding House_1936_dailies_(thru_3-14_by_Ahern).cbz
Our Boarding House_1936_Sundays_b+w.cbz
Polly and Her Pals_1929_Sundays_b+w.cbz
Polly and Her Pals_1936_Sundays_b+w.cbz

Bravo to everyone for a wonderful day!

-Yoc and the DCM Staff

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It's our SIXTH BIRTHDAY! - A Deluge of New Scans!
« on: April 01, 2016, 05:11:36 PM »