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Author Topic: Happy SECOND B-Day gang! Post #2 - Anniversary Gifts Gallore!  (Read 1356 times)

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So what would an anniversary be without presents right gang?   ^-^
Some have already snuck up on the site early so these wont all be debuts today but are very appreciated by the site.  
Thanks to the scanners out there for making these available for our big day!

The most obvious gift is from Roygbiv666 who commissioned fan favourite Fred Hembeck to produce the artwork now featured in our third and latest DCM Banner above!  Roy was wonderfully generous to talk to Fred and the both of them gave us permission to colour and slightly adjust the artwork to work as another DCM animated banner.  I hope you all enjoy it.  It took quite some time to colour and figure out. I'm quite proud of the results.  (and before anyone says it, yes some of the colours used might not be exactly as you recall them in their comics.  But each has shown up at least once in the colours I used here.  Fantomah was pink and blue at different times, go check it out if you don't believe me.)
Click the link below to see the full size commission as-is before my modifications with a detailed write-up by Roy explaining who is who for those not in the know.

Rangerhouse (who seems to have more energy that Kid Flash after six cans of Red Bull!) has shared the first of a new series of collections -
The first book is RANGERHOUSE ARCHIVES - Captain Marvel Jr.'s two part ORIGIN finally scanned from paper and shared along with Capt Nazis' origin, CMjr's first solo adventure as scanned by Ewin K Roberts who also shares a nice forward recalling the day he first found the Marvels.  I had a small part in the collection as well doing some of the graphic design work but make no mistake - this is an all a rangerhouse special edition featuring some amazing scans and edits by rh as well as others credited in the file.  And check the back pages to see what he plans to share in future editions.

Also new are the following rangerhouse scans with with his own edits: Cat-man Comics 021 (paper), Funny Picture Stories v1 004 (c2c),

RH also scanned the following JVJ books edited by Yoc - Clue Comics 002, Clue Comics 003, Jest Comcs 011, and Red Seal 016 which is a Seduction Of The Innocent comic!

Carl (fan777) wins the prize for quantity with Six new scans - all from the JVJ collection - Movie Love 016, Movie Love 017, Movie Love 018, Movie Love 020, Movie Love 021, Movie Love 022.
Thanks for all the uploads Carl!

Snard has another JVJ book up today as well - Jungle Comics 054.

From Len and already on the site - two early Jumbo issues!   Jumbo Comics 017 (paper)-c2c,  Wonderworld Comics 011 (c2c) and Jumbo Comics 018 (paper)-c2c.  
Len also promises us a scan of National Comics 024.  Thanks Len!

dsdaboss brings us several new books today including - Hit Comics 032 and TWO Centaur comics!  Man Of War Comics 002 and Stars and Stripes 006!  Wow, thanks DDB!

Tilliban, another new addition to the JVJ Scanners ranks this year gives us his latest horror chiller - Strange Stories From Another World 002.   Thanks T!

Movielover sends us his latest JVJ-rangerhouse edit - Captain Flight 003 -JVJ.

loftypilot also has a rangerhouse book for us - Master Comics #35

Coming soon from JonTheScanner will be Gasoline Alley 1918-1949 in our Classic Newspaper section.  One very much recommended by the staff to everyone!

While BuilderBoy says to expect The Horrors #15 by Star Publications shortly.

New member misterxus has added another new archive to our growing collection of special collections - Firebrand Archive featuring Reed Crandall artwork!

Thanks to all of you scanners for making today extra special again this year.  You guys all are the best!

Take care gang and please enjoy another year of GA scans with us on DCM,
DCM admin

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