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Author Topic: The Return of Robin Hood - Writer/Artist question - Popular Comics  (Read 553 times)

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The arc runs from Popular Comics #79-83 (looks like it's completed with #83, but we don't have #84 uploaded). Thanks to all those uploading the recent run of Popular Comics.

#79 is the first part of the arc, and has credited:
Writer - Gaylord DuBois
Artist - Jon Small

#80-81 - To my untrained eye, these 2 issues also looks like Jon Small art (at least they have a similar style to #79)

#82-83 - On the GCD, Gary Watson has Arthur Jameson for #82, and on his index cards with the #83 scan, JVJ also has Arthur Jameson for #83, which seems fine to me.

So my questions:

1 - Is it a reasonable assumption that Gaylord wrote all 5 arcs, or should I show him with a "?" as writer?

2 - Any thoughts on Jon Small for #80-81, or any other suggestions?


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