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Home Fiction House Planet Comics Planet Comics 001 (c2c paper)
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6-July-2011 9:04 pm
Username: Ranko
Comment: The cover is just like the style of the pulps of the forties. Utterly ridiculous spaceships on both people and terribly ugly aliens are part of the norm. The stories are incredibly campy by today's standards, in the category of 'so bad they are actually good.' They also reflect a time when it was felt that anything in space was possible and that the Earth would always triumph. Flint Baker-The One Eyed Monsters of Mars: Flint has a rocket ship that he uses to go to Mars. Baker gets three guys that were in prison for life to volunteer for the flight (they are all ex-mechanics.) After they get to Mars they find the wreck of an old ship and a note on a dead body, warning them to stay away from the dark side of Mars. (Dark side? Mars? Wasn't it the moon that was pictured as having a 'dark side' and not Mars?) They have a car of a type and find a highway, a city, and a the daughter of the rule of that side of Mars. They are told that men from the crashed ship were evil, were exiled to the dark side, set up a dictatorship there and plan to attack. They don't seem to need spacesuits at all. The monsters abduct the two women. The good guys go to the other side and attack the guys fort, using ray guns and a regular .38. (Since then, though, we have learned that there is no 'dark side' of Mars, that there is no gravity on a spaceship, that the Martian gravity is less than the Earth's, and that Mar's atmosphere cannot be breathed by a human being. Still, though, those types of things were not found out till much later. The story is still a lot of fun.) Auro, Lord of Jupiter: A husband, wife and child are cruising in a spaceship near Jupiter. The spaceship gets hit by a meteor and crashes, the parents dying. The boy is raised by a saber-toothed tiger. Later there's a group of crooks from Neptune and a woman that escapes but crash-lands on Jupiter. So Auro, the girl, and the 'brutes' from Jupiter have to attack Neptune to free the captives. The Red Comet: A group of earth people land on another planet and are captured in a web made by half-humans. The Red Comet can become huge, and he destroys the nets. He can also become small. He finds the humans, expands his body to huge dimensions, squashes many of the spider-people, and frees the Earthlings. How campy can you get? Cool story. Captain Nelson Core of the Solar Force: The solar system is under attack, directed by a madman on another planet and his army of the 'living dead.' He and his men are captured (of course), incapacitate the leader who, of course, awakens later, battles the 'living dead' army (now being referred to as robots in the story), and eventually free all of them and imprison the leader and his female cohort. Spurt Hammon (Spurt? You have so got to be kidding) Planet Flyer and the Lords of the Moon: There's a war on the moon between warlords, and one group is all women. They have a plan to attack the earth, but Spurt (of course) defeats the plan and there are two women that end up fighting each other over him. Buzz Crandall and the Space Patrol: Some scientists are captured by Neptunians. Buzz has to go there and rescue them, one of which is a beautiful woman (of course). Quorak, Super Pirate: An insane Earth scientist is on a planetoid far away. He figures out a way to attack Pluto and destroy their civilization. His ray draws Pluto out of its orbit. A space force group goes to Pluto, and the main ship is captured by the scientist who is overcome and all ends well.
3-March-2014 1:41 am
Username: churnworks
Comment: Ah, but the "Flint Baker" story is an early piece by Dick Briefer, who went on to create some wonderful work. His stylish touch is evident in the rockets and buildings, which borrow from the Art Deco tradition in their fantastic yet streamlined design.

Issue: #1
Published: January 1940, Price: 0.10 USD, Pages: 68, Editing: Malcolm Reiss (editor); Will Eisner [as William E. Eisner] (art director); S. M. Iger (feature editor)
Color: Color Dimensions: Standard Golden Age U. S. Paper Stock: Glossy Cover; Newsprint Interior Binding: Saddle-stitched Publishing Format: Was Ongoing Series
 Comic Contents:
Cover (1 page) The One-Eyed Monsters of Mars
Featuring: Flint Baker
Credits: Pencils: Lou Fine | Inks: Lou Fine
Genre: Science Fiction
Characters: Flint Baker

Advertisement (1 page) Read About This Amazing Free Offer
Credits: Script: ? (ad copy) | Pencils: Leo Morey | Inks: Leo Morey | Letters: typeset

Comic Story (15 pages) The One-Eyed Monster Men from Mars
Featuring: The Planetary Adventures of Flint Baker
Synopsis: Flint has completed the rocket ship begun by his father and is ready to take off for Mars, but first has three prison convicts freed to serve as his crew. They land on Mars and find the corpse of a former explorer, who left a letter warning anyone finding his note to stay away from the dark side of Mars.
Credits: Script: Dick Briefer (signed) | Pencils: Dick Briefer (signed) | Inks: Dick Briefer (signed)
Genre: Science Fiction
Characters: Fletcher "Flint" Baker (introduction, Origin) Harry Parks (freed Convict, Introduction) Phil Godwin (freed Convict, Introduction) Cliff Grant (freed Convict, Introduction, Death) Mimi Wilson (New York Globe Reporter, Introduction) King Of Mars [aka The Ruler Of Ru] (introduction) Princess Viga (the King's Daughter, Introduction) Sarko (villain, Introduction, Death) Sarko's Monster Horde (villains, Many Die)

Comic Story (6 pages)
Featuring: Auro Lord of Jupiter
Synopsis: After a rocket ship crash that kills his parents, Auro is raised by a saber-tooth tiger. He is approached by a young woman named Martha to help save her friends who have been taken as slaves by the fiendish ruler of Neptune.
Credits: Pencils: Malcolm Kildale | Inks: Malcolm Kildale
Genre: Science Fiction
Characters: Auro [Hardwich] (introduction, Origin) Tara (pet Saber-tooth Tiger) Professor John Hardwich (Auro's Father, Introduction, Death) Mrs. John Hardwich (Auro's Mother, Introduction, Death) Martha Gale (an Assistant Pilot, Introduiction) King Of Neptune (villain, Introduction)

Comic Story (5 pages)
Featuring: The Red Comet
Synopsis: While the public is amazed and elated that no crimes have been committed for two weeks, the police feel that their jobs are less secure because of the crime busting activities of the Red Comet. His magical powers seem to draw him like a magnet to the criminal element, and he has rounded them up with amazing speed, taking each to a different uninhabited but inhabitable planet and dropping them off to fend for themselves.
Credits: Script: Ken Jackson (signed) | Pencils: Ken Jackson (signed) | Inks: Ken Jackson ?
Genre: Fantasy Science Fiction
Characters: The Red Comet (introduction) Un-named Police Captain (introduction) The Munitions King [J.G.] (villain, Introduction, Death) Munition King's War-profiteers (villains, Introduction For All, All Die)

Comic Story (15 pages)
Featuring: Captain Nelson Cole of the Solar Force
Synopsis: The loss of several Solar Ships forces the President of the Solar Congress to appoint Captain Cole to lead a force against the enemies from outer space. They are captured and the dictator, Zan, intends to turn them into dehumanized robots.
Credits: Pencils: Alex Blum [as Alex Boon] (signed) | Inks: Alex Blum [as Alex Boon] (signed)
Genre: Science Fiction
Characters: Captain Nelson Cole (introduction) Bud (Cole's Sidekick, Introduction) Unnamed President Of The Solar Congress Zan (villain, Dictator Of Volcus, Introduction) Zan's Woman (villain, Introduction) Zan's Army Of Robots (villains, Introduction For All)

Comic Story (7 pages) The War Lords of the Moon
Featuring: Spurt Hammond, Planet Flyer
Synopsis: Spurt and his companions must fend off the attacks of the Luzerons, who occupy the polar regions of the Moon, and who are in the business of robbing interplanetary transports.
Credits: Pencils: Henry Kiefer | Inks: Henry Kiefer
Genre: Science Fiction
Characters: Spurt Hammond (introduction) The Lunerzons (villains, Women Warriors, Introduction For All) The Mooniacs (villains, Introduction For All)

Comic Story (4 pages)
Featuring: Buzz Crandall and the Space Patrol
Synopsis: Buzz and his crew must face the Sharkmen, semi-intelligent living under the murky waters of Neptune, who have captured Dr. Curan and other members of his Neptune expedition.
Credits: Script: ? [as Bob Jordan] (credited)
Genre: Science Fiction
Characters: Buzz Crandall (introduction) Dr. Curan (scientist, Introduction) Nancy Curan (Dr. Curan's Daughter, Introduction) The Sharkmen (villains, Introduction, Death)

Comic Story (12 pages) The Man Who Stole a World!
Featuring: Quorak, Space Pirate
Synopsis: A former Earth scientist takes up residence on a far distant planetoid and threatens to rule the universe, destroying all traces of civilization. His first target is Pluto, which he attempts to pull from its orbit with his strange infra-red ray invention.
Credits: Pencils: Alvin Charles [as Albert Charles] (signed) | Inks: Alvin Charles [as Albert Charles] (signed)
Genre: Science Fiction
Characters: Quorak (villain, Earth Scientist, Introduction) Lt. Gary Blake (introduction) Dean (astronomer, Introduction) Joan Perry (introduction, Radio Operator, Only Appearance) Unnamed World President (introduction)

Promo (ad From The Publisher) (1 page)
Credits: Pencils: Lou Fine; Will Eisner | Inks: Lou Fine | Letters: typeset
Genre: Adventure Jungle

Advertisement (1 page)
Credits: Script: ? (ad copy) | Letters: typeset

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Home Fiction House Planet Comics Planet Comics 001 (c2c paper)
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