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Mickey Mouse in Public Domain

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I'll try to  hold up until then, Eric. I'm 88, but still going strong! Meanwhile, I've got stacks of MMouse & other Disney comics waiting to be read.

Here's hoping 2024 will be a great year for DCM uploads!

Keep on Truckin' Larry!
Thanks for all your years of support.  You've been with us since the GAC days!

Thanxs, Yoc. And thanks to you, to the staff, and to the many uploaders for making DCM the wonderful site that it is. It's just great that all the talent and hard work of the legion of artists and writers of these early comics and mags live again and are being preserved for the enjoyment of future generations. Yet, only my generation who read them in the '30s and '40s get that mysterious nostalgic kick when they meet again like old lost friends, certain comics at DCM! Long Live DCM!

Happy New Year to all!

Well said Larry!  Couldn't have done it better.  :)
You've got the spirit the site was started with.  I'd only add in these days of speculation where everything seems to be going into plastic coffins (slabs) our chances of seeing these books scanned has been slowly slipping away.  JVJ, bless him,  did so very much for the sites allowing us to fill thousands of holes in the collection.  Talk about a hero!
Stay well Larry, we love seeing you here.


By 2026, we should start seeing the Mickey Mouse newspaper comic strips enter the PD.

Can we cover newspaper strips?


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