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We do have a Classic Newspaper Comic Strips section.


So, a ton of various projects based on Steamboat Willie have been announced, a large number of them horror.  Most of them look desperately uninteresting to me, and in almost every case it seems it seems like the creators went "We want to do something with Mickey Mouse" without any clear idea of what they actually want to do other than use Mickey on general principles.

With that said, I've found at least one project that I'm genuinely enjoying: a new webcomic from Randy Milholland, the creator of the webcomic Something Positive and the artist/writer on the Sunday Popeye comic strip... in other words, a professional artist with experience working with legacy characters.  It's called Mousetrapped:


I'm not thrilled with the current formatting, since it's on tumblr.  So if you're just starting to read it you need to scroll to the bottom of the page and work up.

It's nice to see at least one Mickey Mouse is now Public Doman project that seems to be starting from a position of genuine love for the character, but also is trying to do something new.

Thanks for the link Eric.
It's gotten off to a not bad start.  I like his using non-Disney characters.  It opens up the story to lots of possibilities.


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