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paw broon:
Sequential is a new fanzine featuring interviews and articles on a variety of comics related themes.  The first issue is currently available and can be ordered here:-
Click on the cover for info. on what's inside.  The 'zine is available as a download or a physical, posted-to-your-letterbox, glossy paper version.
Issue # 2 could be out by the end of May and will include an interview with Ron Marz and an article which delves into the world of pocket libraries.  Think Buck Ryan; Rip Kirby; Kriminal; Kansas Kid; and adaptations of classic novels by some of the finest artists to have graced the pages of these lovely little books. Lots more.

Good luck with this Paw!

paw broon:
Sequential #4, the fanzine made in sunny (well, it is sunny today) Scotland is out now.  Featuring a chat with Dan Mora; an in-depth look at the classic Italian strip, Saturno contro La Terra (which is a great, well researched read) and my ramblings on comics in the time of covid. Buy, read, enjoy:-

paw broon:
Sequential #6 is now on sale.
Articles include a great cartoon piece by our pal Ron Harris on word balloons, text boxes and all the weird, wonderful and woeful attempts made in the hope of making a comic strip understandable.  Your MC is Sniffy the Pup.
An insider's illustrated history of inDELLible by Jim Ludwig.
My offering is a look at cats in comics - not funny animal cats:  think superheroes and heroines; masked mystery moggies; femme fatale felines; obscure, great and awful.
Plus, a look back at Night Raven, and "The Power of Three."
Sequential online is here:-
Webstore is here:-
Bouquets and brickbats accepted and expected, preferably not too rude ;)

Sounds interesting.


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