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Thanks Paw, and I've had a peek at the issue, Good Stuff!
Well worth a read gang.  :)


paw broon:
Sequential #10 is now available.
This issue we have a look at Marvel Secret Wars and the toys that went with the series, by our editor.
We feature one of the great neglected heroes with lovely art by Lacey and Mendoza.
An article on one of my favourite publishers, Time Bomb Comics  (The Clockwork Cavalier is a good read.)
The long forgotten British artist, Bob Wilkin.
Ron Harris has a great wee piece on Charlton's Mr. and Mrs Chase.
I check out a couple of seriously tasty newspaper strips.
Buy it, read it, enjoy it (or not), write to us, tell your friends.  All comments, good or not so good, welcome.

Thanks Paw, boy you've packed a lot into a single issue there.
Love the cover!


paw broon:
Sequential #11 has finally seen the light of day:-

80 pages this time and a lot of ground covered, incl, our pal Ron Harris with an excellent piece on the little known Link Studios, a very important supplier of strips for many British comics.
Lots of good stuff, although I admit to giving in to my love of old superheroes, again.


Thanks Paw!
Hey gang, I've been lucky to see each issue Paw has plugged here and they are great stuff.  Well worth a look.



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