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Author Topic: DCM super donor Louise Krasniewicz comic themed artworks - great stuff!  (Read 134 times)

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Hey Gang,
I just shared these from Louise Krasniewicz's Facebook page on our FB page and wanted everyone here to see them too.  Louise has been a long time super donor on DCM and we're lucky to have her as a member.  She's dang talented as well.

Here is what Louise tells us:
I thought I would tell you a little bit about why DCM is so important to me and why I look forward to every May when I can make my donation and access the ftp server. Maybe it will inspire others to support your wonderful work.

I have been reading comic books since the 1950s (!) so i have a long history of loving the early comics. A few years ago I started an academic research project on comic book stories that featured shrunken or miniaturized superheroes. After spending endless hours at comic-cons talking to old comics vendors and scouring their bins, I realized I could find a lot more stories on DCM. What I found expanded my project to include all sorts of miniaturization not just of superheroes but other characters. That work is still ongoing.

Lately I have been creating art projects utilizing old romance comics from the 1950s and 1960s.  Since I am interested in both crediting the original artists and only using works that are out of copyright, DCM has helped me tremendously in identifying the materials I need. I print images from the comics I download onto fabric and make quilts, miniature assemblages, and recently masks. Iíve attached a few images for you to see: they have a bit of pushback against the Lichenstein use of these images of women in romance stories.

So again, I thank you and all your staff and volunteers for the material I can use in my work.

Best wishes,
Louise Krasniewicz

Thanks for sharing these and your kind words Louise.

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