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We Appreciate Your Support!

November Goal: $288.00
Due Date: Nov 30
Total Receipts: $385.00
PayPal Fees: $24.72
Net Balance: $360.28
Above Goal: $72.28
Site Currency: USD

Digital Comic Museum is free for all users and we aim to remain so. If you find our site useful, entertaining, etc please consider making a donation to help us keep the site alive and free for all to enjoy.

All donations go back into the website to pay our server bills, bandwidth and future expansion.  Our current monthly goal is $288.  A donation of any amount is sincerely appreciated.

If you donate we will credit your account with VIP status which will give you unlimited access to the website.

Thanks very much!
-DCM staff

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Many thanks to those who have donated this period.
Name      Amount Date    USD 

stomcat4 $5.00 (USD)   Nov-274.48
Tmdess $10.00 (USD)   Nov-249.26
Cenomans $1.00 (USD)   Nov-230.66
mrjerometulloch $10.00 (USD)   Nov-219.36
Rocket Riley $5.00 (USD)   Nov-214.48
Bobf18015 $10.00 (USD)   Nov-219.26
bluebeagle1 $5.00 (USD)   Nov-194.48
jasonrtippitt $10.00 (USD)   Nov-159.26
doccomix $5.00 (USD)   Nov-144.48
Netasha $10.00 (USD)   Nov-149.26
Anonymous $5.00 (USD)   Nov-94.48
lummo $20.00 (USD)   Nov-918.66
snazz $25.00 (USD)   Nov-823.6
Anonymous $1.00 (USD)   Nov-80.66
runner261 $100.00 (USD)   Nov-695.3
Anonymous $10.00 (USD)   Nov-69.36
Anonymous $10.00 (USD)   Nov-69.23
comicwanderer $50.00 (USD)   Nov-547.5
lgaertner $1.00 (USD)   Nov-30.65
kozmo $10.00 (USD)   Nov-39.26
Anonymous $15.00 (USD)   Nov-314.04
zzyyxxzz2314 $5.00 (USD)   Nov-24.48
Anonymous $2.00 (USD)   Nov-21.62
CaryMG $5.00 (USD)   Nov-14.48
Anonymous $50.00 (USD)   Nov-147.5
silverwolf2604 $5.00 (USD)   Oct-314.48

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