Spirit Section 1941-06-22 [Baltimore Sun] (B&W)
Cowgirl Romances 008 [upgrade] - now c2c
Captain Atom 002
Supermouse 021 (diff ver)
Planet Comics 035 (diff ver)
Fantastic Comics 008 (diff version) c2c
Regalr Fellers 1921
Spirit Section 1941-05-11 [Baltimore Sun] (B&W)
Perfect Crime 026 (updated)
Supermouse 033 (diff ver)
Blue Beetle 056 (now c2c)(SOTI)
Sheena, Queen of the Jungle 04 (upgrade) -now c2c
Mazie 007 (now c2c2) -upgrade
Battlefront 05 (Standard)(one-shot) -upgrade
Adventures Inside the Atom (APG 17-5)(diff ver)
Adventures Into Darkness 006 (upgrade) -now c2c
Eva the Imp 002
Funny Picture Stories v1 003 (upgrade) -JVJ
1000 Jokes Magazine 072
Planet Comics 032 (diff ver)
Planet Comics 051 (diff ver)
Intimate Confessions 005 (upgrade)
Eerie 006 (upgrade) -now c2c
Strange Journey 001 (diff ver)
Bike Comics (1949 giveaway)
Spirit Section 1941-05-04 [Minneapolis Star Journal] (B&W)
Joe Palooka 080
Nyoka the Jungle Girl 072 (diff ver)
Frisky Fables 042 (now c2c) -upgrade
Bughouse 001 (upgrade and edit)
Mazie 004 (small scan)
Headline Comics 018 (upgrade)
Battle Report 005
Charlie Chan 002 (upgrade) -now c2c
First Love Illustrated 074
Young Romance 011 (diff ver) -c2c
Bob Steele Western 005 (diff ver)
1000 Jokes Magazine 071
First Love Illustrated 065
Captain Atom 005 (re-edit)
Polly Pigtails 028 (upgrade)
Oral Roberts True Stories 106 (1957) -upgrade
Blue Ribbon Comics 22 (updated) -now c2c
Space Ace 05 -upgrade (now c2c)
Hello Buddies Special nn-B
Hello Buddies Special nn-A
Crime and Punishment 045 (updated) -now c2c
Crime and Punishment 043 (updated) -now c2c