Crime Does Not Pay 086 (diff ver)
Little Max Comics 001 (c2c)
Boy Comics 005 (diff ver)
Outlaws of the West 019 (diff ver)
Best Books 565 (The Private Life of a Private)
TV Girls and Gags V4 05
TV Girls and Gags V2 06
TV Girls and Gags V2 05
Kerry Drake 032 (diff ver)
Ha Ha Comics 022
Famous Funnies 090 (no BR, ibc, pgs 45-6) [upgrade]
Best Books 558 (The Bedside Book)
Famous Funnies 081 (cover & Scarlet O'Neil only)
Smokehouse Monthly 111 (Fawcett)
TV Girls and Gags V2 04
Mirth 026 (Hardie-Kelly)
Cartoons by Donahey (1906)
Famous Funnies 151 (No BR) [rescan]
Best Books 521 (Is My Face Red)
TV Girls and Gags V2 03
Hello Buddies 095
Famous Funnies 063 (no BR)
Famous Funnies 042 (no BR)
Famous Funnies 153 (No BR)(diff ver)
Famous Funnies 153 (No BR) [upgrade]
Egbert 020 (upgrade)
America's Best Comics 004 (2 fiche)(diff ver)
Blazing Comics 004 (rescan)
Fantastic Comics 001 (all paper, c2c)
Life Story 47
TV Girls and Gags V2 02
Captain Steve Savage (2nd) 08 (diff ver) -c2c
Hello Buddies 094
Jackpot Comics 01 (rescan)(damaged)
Cat-Man Comics 011 (diff ver)(no ibc)
Candid Tales nn (#1)
Campus Humor 03 (Charlton)
Hello Buddies 090
Cat-Man Comics 013 (52 of 68pgs) -upgrade
TV Girls and Gags V2 01
Super Funnies 04 (upgrade)
Bill Battle 03 (diff ver)
Lil Menace 02 (diff ver)
Commander Steel Collection 01 (version 3)-Canadian
Silver Streak Comics 007 (GM removed)
Humphrey v1 021 (diff ver)
TV Girls and Gags V1 06
Hello Buddies 076
Captain Marvel Comics v2 #10
Spectacular Features Magazine 003
Alice in Blunderland (1952) Industrial Services
A-Laugh-A Minnit 07
Three Aces Comics v05 52
TV Girls and Gags V1 05
Famous Funnies 063 (no BR)(diff ver)
Hello Buddies 072
Green Lama 003 (now c2c)(rescan)
Strange Planets 12 (IW) -fixed
TV Girls and Gags V1 04
Hello Buddies 071
Popular Comics 058 (diff ver)
Jolly Jingles 016
Freelance Comics 28 (inc) -upgrade
Pinky the Egghead 01 (IW)(diff ver)
TV Girls and Gags V1 03
Indians AU 17 (US#11)
A-Laff-A Minnit 02
Jungle Comics 073 (diff ver) -upgrade
Jungle Comics 062 [rescan]
Little Max Comics 045
Little Max Comics 011
Joe Palooka 112
Joe Palooka 110 (diff ver)
Humphrey v1 013
Joe Palooka 063
Robin Hood Comics v2 #07
Famous Funnies 042 (no BR)(diff ver)
Egbert 001 (now c2c) -upgrade
Blue Beetle 052 -fixed
Blue Beetle 054 (SOTI) -fixed
Hello Buddies 093
Joe Palooka 053 (diff ver)
Joe Palooka 052
Modern Comics 096 (Upgrade)
Master Detective 17 (IW-Super)-c2c
Love Secrets 053 (upgrade with fills) -JVJ
Love Secrets 048 (upgrade) -JVJ
Feature Comics 046 (now c2c) -upgrade
Hit Comics 011 (all paper)(diff ver) -upgrade
A Curious Hieroglyphick Bible (1789)
Egbert 007 -fixed 2
TV Girls and Gags V1 02
Hello Buddies 092
Billy Bunny's Christmas Frolics 001 (c2c)(100pgs)
Gunfighters 018 (IW-Super)
Rocket to the Moon nn [Avon1951]
Great Western 002 (IW-Super)
Freelance Comics v2 #7 (upgrade)
March of Fun (nn-1945)
Popular Comics 059 (diff ver)
Robin Hood 002 (IW-Super)
Howl (nn-1944)
Battle Stories 17 (IW-Super)
Dalton Boys (one-shot)(diff ver)
TV Girls and Gags V1 01
Hello Buddies 043
Crime and Punishment 001 (upgrade)
Boy Comics 005 (now all paper) -upgrade
Prize Comics Western 112 [rescan]
Noodnik 04 (IW reprint)(inc)
Pinky the Egghead 02 (IW)(inc)
Noodnik 03 (IW reprint)
Mystery Tales 18 (IW)
Dynamic Comics 001 (IW)(now c2c) -upgrade -fixed
Doll Man 11 (IW)
Cowboys n Injuns 07 (IW)
Doll Man 17 (IW)
Purple Claw 08 (IW)(now c2c) -upgrade
Navy Patrol 003 (now c2c) -upgrade
Your United States (Jacquet1946)(SOTI)
Joe College 001 (now c2c) -upgrade
Jim Solar Space Sheriff - Battle of Mars (1953 giveaway)
Jim Solar Space Sheriff - Pirates of Planet X (1953 giveaway)
Prize Comics Western 100 [rescan]
Wonderworld Comics 027 (no pg 63-4; ifc, ibc [all ads])
Wonderworld Comics 027 (c2c)(diff ver)
Jim Solar Space Sheriff - Defeats the Moon Missile Men (1957 giveaway)
Joe Palooka 100 [c2c] -fixed
Hello Buddies 027 [v04 n07]
TV Girls and Gags V4 03
Planet Comics 020 (upgrade) -JVJ
Tim Holt 01 [A1#014] [rescan]
Young King Cole v3 012 [rescan]
Spacehawk, The Complete Collection -part2 (Novelty+Centaur)
Spacehawk, The Complete Collection -Extras Only (large version)
Spacehawk, The Complete Collection -part1 (Novelty)
Target Comics v02 08 [#20][SH and Target only][re-edit]
Target Comics v01 06 [re-edit][inc]
Target Comics v01 05 [inc][re-edit]
Target Comics v02 05 [diff ver]
Target Comics v02 09 [diff ver]
Amazing Man Comics 025 [re-edit]
Amazing Man Comics 024 [re-edit]
Amazing Mystery Funnies 23 (no ifc,ibc,bc)(re-edit)
Stories By Famous Authors illustrated 006 -Macbeth (diff ver)
Heroic 013 (diff ver)
Prize Comics Western 078 (diff ver) -JVJ
50 Years In America 1952 giveaway (smaller)
Doll Man 003 (diff ver)
National Comics 058 (diff ver)
Joe Palooka 048
Wow Comics 006 [3rd ver]
Little Angel 014 (diff ver)
Adventures of Peter Wheat 05
Tomb of Terror 002 (diff ver)
Kaanga Comics AU 002
Animal Fair 010
Army Fun v02 001
Little Max Comics 060 (diff ver)
Hello Buddies 091
Marvel Family 004 (paper)
Fun, Inc. nn (circa 1945)
Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) 16th President of the USA (1958)
Water Skiing (ACG-Evinrude Motors 1959)
Hello Buddies 029 [v04 n09]
Thrilling Comics 012 (diff ver) JVJ -upgrade
Hello Buddies 089
A Man Named Stevenson (1952)
Little Max Comics 034
Forbidden Worlds 049 [diff ver]
Tom Corbett Space Cadet 011 (diff ver)
Tom Corbett Space Cadet 009 (diff ver)
Tom Corbett Space Cadet 008 (diff ver)
Tom Corbett Space Cadet 005 (diff ver)
Mazie 007 (inc)
Little Max Comics 018
Little Max Comics 017
Hello Buddies 087
Mazie 026 (diff ver)(c2c)
Tom Corbett Space Cadet 007 (diff ver) -fixed
Your United States
Western Action Thrillers
Prize Comics Western 077 (diff ver) -JVJ
Planet Stories 03 [Atlas Pubs]
Diamond Adventure Comics UK #08 [Atlas Pubs]
Wings Comics 025 (diff ver)
Humphrey v1 017 (coverspread only) -inc
Humphrey v1 018 (diff ver) -corrected
Indian Fighter 003 (diff ver)
Lil Tomboy 107 (diff ver)
Lil Tomboy 106 (diff ver)
Lil Tomboy 105 (diff ver)
Lil Tomboy 104 (diff ver)
Lil Tomboy 103 (diff ver)
Lil Tomboy 102 (diff ver)
Lil Tomboy 101 (diff ver)
Lil Tomboy 100 (diff ver)
Lil Tomboy 099 (diff ver)
Lil Tomboy 098 (diff ver)
Lil Tomboy 097 (diff ver)
Lil Tomboy 096 (diff ver)
Lil Tomboy 095
Lil Tomboy 094 (diff ver)
Lil Tomboy 093
Lil Tomboy 092 (diff ver)
The Great Sacrament
Hello Buddies 086
Tom Corbett Space Cadet 006 (diff ver)
Tom Corbett Space Cadet 004 (diff ver)
4C0421 - Tom Corbett (diff ver)
4C0400 - Tom Corbett (diff ver)
4C0378 - Tom Corbett (diff ver)
Little Max Comics 016
Hit Comics 055 (diff ver)
Muggy-Doo Boy Cat 001
Hello Buddies 084
Little Max Comics 015
Popular Comics 021 (PD VERSION)
Fight Against Crime 012 (inc) -upgrade2
Hello Buddies 083
George Pal's Puppetoons 009
Little Max Comics 014
Blackhawk 047 (diff ver)
Hello Buddies 068
Super Cat 001 (now c2c) -upgrade
Pepper 009 (1956)
A Pocketful of Pepper 09
Spunky 004 (diff ver)
Women Outlaws 007 (inc)
GI Jane 009 (partial ifc)
Little Max Comics 037 (diff ver)(c2c)
GI Jane 010 (missing ifc) upgrade
Hello Buddies 052
Inside Crime 002
Crime Incorporated 003
Young King Cole v3 011 [rescan]
Ribtickler 06
Hello Buddies 081
GI Jane 011 (Merit)
Life with Snarky Parker 001
Flying Saucers nn (1952) -upgrade
Tom Mix Commandos Comics 11
Children's Big Book (Dorene Publishing)(1945)
Young King Cole v3 010 [rescan]
Tom Mix Comics 04
Robin Hood and His Merry Men 036 (diff ver)
Pedro 002
Dagar Desert Hawk 023 (c2c)
Hello Buddies 080
Young Romance 060 [diff ver]
Judy Canova 001 (#23)
Jungle Comics nn (United A-A)(US #110)(UK reprint)
Wings Comics 086 [diff ver]
Spirit Section 1943-05-09 (Baltimore Sun)
Hello Buddies 079
Wotalife 004
Young King Cole v3 009 [rescan]
Young King Cole v3 008 [rescan]
Zago 001
Atomic Mouse v1 009 (diff ver)
Cosmo Cat 007
Young King Cole v3 007 [rescan]
Hello Buddies 078
Muggy-Doo Boy Cat 003
My Little Margie 015
Lil Genius 016
Hello Buddies 077
Sweetheart Diary 12 [diff ver]
Young King Cole v3 006 [rescan]
Hello Buddies 075
Hello Buddies 073
Fantastic Comics 003 (all paper)
Hello Buddies 066
Tense Suspense 002 [diff ver]
Young King Cole v3 004 [rescan]
Hello Buddies 053 -fixed
Hello Buddies 064
Prize Comics Western 076 (diff ver) -JVJ
Hello Buddies 063
Yellowjacket Comics 005 [diff ver]
Young King Cole v3 002 [rescan]
Hello Buddies 062
Yellowjacket Comics 002 [3rd ver]-c2c
Young King Cole v2 006 [rescan]
All Great Comics 001
Hello Buddies 061
Wild Bill Hickok 05 (Blue Bird)
Wild Bill Hickok 03 (Blue Bird)
Wild Bill Hickok 02 (Blue Bird)
Thrilling True Story of the Baseball Yankees
Animal Fair 002
Young King Cole v2 005 [rescan]
Joe Louis 02 (diff ver)
Jackie Robinson 06 (diff ver)
Blue Ribbon Comics 16 (upgrade)
Hello Buddies 060
Nickel Comics 07 (diff ver) (all paper)
Young King Cole v2 004 [rescan]
Young King Cole v2 003 [rescan]