Spirit Section 1945-03-11 [Chicago Sun]
Army and Navy Hot Shots (Harvey)
Whiz Comics 015 (paper+2 fiche)(cover upgrade)
Grand Slam Comics v2 03 (rescan)
Nyoka The Jungle Girl 050 [diff ver]
Nyoka The Jungle Girl 049 [diff ver]
Nyoka The Jungle Girl 048 [diff ver]
Nyoka The Jungle Girl 045 [diff ver]
Nyoka The Jungle Girl 044 [diff ver]
Nyoka The Jungle Girl 043 [diff ver]
Spirit Section 1945-01-28 [Syracuse Herald American]
Blue Beetle 037 (upgrade) no ibc
The Westerner 016 (IW)
Sharpy Fox 02 [IW]
A Star Presentation Magazine 003 [Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde]-inc
Spirit Section 1945-01-14 [Chicago Sun]
Nyoka The Jungle Girl 042 [diff ver]
Nyoka The Jungle Girl 041 [diff ver]
Nyoka The Jungle Girl 040 [diff ver]
Western Hero 104 [diff ver]
Nyoka The Jungle Girl 037 [diff ver]
Nyoka The Jungle Girl 039 [diff ver]
Nyoka The Jungle Girl 038 [diff ver]
Jungle Comics 090 [diff ver]
Spirit Section 1945-08-19 [Philadelphia Record]
Little Jack Frost 001 (one-shot) [diff ver]
Spirit Section 1942-09-20 [Baltimore Sun] (B&W)
Journey Into Fear 019 (small scan)(36pg) -2nd upgrade
World War III #01 (inc) -upgrade
Space Detective 002 (now c2c) -upgrade
Captain Marvel Adventures 020 [diff ver]
Nyoka The Jungle Girl 034 [diff ver]
Nyoka The Jungle Girl 035 [diff ver]
Nyoka The Jungle Girl 036 [diff ver]
Joe Palooka 057 (upgrade)
Wotalife Comics 001 (Norlen 1959)
Spirit Section 1942-08-23 [Baltimore Sun] (B&W)
DURANGO KID #24 [diff ver]
Nyoka The Jungle Girl 032 [diff ver]
Nyoka The Jungle Girl 033 [diff ver]
Spirit Section 1942-08-16 [Baltimore Sun] (B&W)
Doll Man 020 (rescan)-upgrade
Spirit Section 1942-08-09 [Baltimore Sun] (B&W)
Crack Comics 010
Blackhawk 067 [diff ver]
Blackhawk 107 [diff ver] -FIXED
National Comics 012 (paper)
Spirit Section 1942-07-26 [Baltimore Sun] (B&W)
Nyoka The Jungle Girl 030 [diff ver]
Spirit Section 1942-07-12 [Baltimore Sun] (B&W)
Feature Comics 098 [diff ver]
Blackhawk 073 [diff ver]
Nyoka The Jungle Girl 031 [diff ver]
Spirit Section 1942-07-05 [Baltimore Sun] (B&W)
Blackhawk 094 [diff ver]
Adventures of Robin Hood 03
Smash Comics 007 [diff ver][Fixed] -rescan
Blackhawk 041 [rescan]
Spirit Section 1942-06-07 [Baltimore Sun] (B&W)
Spirit Section 1942-05-24 [Baltimore Sun] (B&W)
Crack Comics 027 [diff ver]
Blackhawk 055 [diff ver]
Spirit Section 1942-05-17 [Baltimore Sun] (B&W)
Plastic Man v1 013 [diff ver]
Blackhawk 035 [diff ver]
Planet Comics 036 (now c2c) -upgrade
Nyoka The Jungle Girl 029 (diff ver)
Planet Comics 043 (diff ver)
Beware 010 (1954.07)[diff ver]
Witches Tales 025 [diff ver]
Frost, A. B - Book of Drawings (1904)
Frost, A. B - Stuff and Nonsense (1884)
Frost, A. B - Carlo (1913)
Frost, A. B - Bull Calf and Other Tales (1889)
Spirit Section 1942-05-10 [Baltimore Sun] (B&W)
Tor 003 (diff ver 2)
Blackhawk 051 (diff ver)
I've Got Wings (ca 1943) -fixed
Nyoka The Jungle Girl 028 (diff ver)
Spirit Section 1942-05-03 [Baltimore Sun] (B&W)
Justice Traps The Guilty 028 (diff ver)
Man-Made Miracle (1945)(giveaway)
Nyoka The Jungle Girl 027 (diff ver)
Gabby Hayes Western 006 (diff ver)
Fight Comics 005
Spirit Section 1942-04-26 [Baltimore Sun] (B&W)
Nyoka The Jungle Girl 024 (diff ver)
Davy Crockett UK 26
Woman Outlaws nn (MS Dist.)
Spirit Section 1942-04-19 [Baltimore Sun] (B&W)
McCutcheon, Mysterious Stranger and Other Cartoons (1905)
McCutcheon, Cartoons by (1903)
Supermouse 039 [diff ver]
Nyoka the Jungle Girl 023 (diff ver)
Spirit Section 1942-04-12 [Baltimore Sun] (B&W)
Rangers Comics 025 -upgrade
Phantom Lady 019 (diff ver)
Nyoka The Jungle Girl 022 (diff ver)
Spirit Section 1942-04-05 [Baltimore Sun] (B&W)
Nyoka the Jungle Girl 021 (diff ver)
Top-Notch Laugh Comics 44 (diff ver)
Comic Hits 18 (Black Cat Adventures)(NZ reprint 1954)
Black Cat 013 [diff ver]
Super-Dooper 06 [Able Man. Co.][32pgs]-inc
Black Cat 014 [diff ver]
Warfront 035 [re-edit]
Black Cat 052 [large ver]
Black Cat 015 [diff ver]
Rangers Comics 025 (diff ver)
Nyoka The Jungle Girl 020 (diff ver)
Nyoka The Jungle Girl 019 (diff ver)
Dark Mysteries 004 (4 stories) -upgrade
Romantic Story 040
Spirit Section 1942-03-29 [Baltimore Sun] (B&W)
Henry Aldrich 017 (pg11 fixed)
There Are No Master Races (1944)(giveaway)
First Romance Magazine 017 [diff ver]
Speed Comics 035 [diff ver]
Black Cat 012 [diff ver]
Speed Comics 036 [re-edit]
Black Cat 011 [diff ver]
Supermouse 041 (diff ver)
Unusual Tales 017 (diff ver)
Lone Rider 04 (diff ver)-c2c
Meet Merton 09 (IW) -no ifc and ibc
Spirit Section 1941-08-24 [Baltimore Sun] (B&W)
Nyoka The Jungle Girl 018 (diff ver)
Speed Comics 031 [diff ver]
Black Cat 003 [diff ver]
Speed Comics 016 [re-edit]-no ibc
Flat-Top 006
Nyoka The Jungle Girl 012 [diff ver]
Spirit Section 1940-08-11 [Baltimore Sun] (B&W)
Sparkling Stars 004 (damaged) -upgrade
Nyoka The Jungle Girl 011 [diff ver]
Spirit Section 1942-01-25 [Baltimore Sun](B&W)
Super-Mystery Comics v01 003 (no ifc,ibc) -upgrade
Spirit Section 1942-06-28 (inc - no pg5) [Baltimore Sun] (B&W)
Speed Comics 022 [diff ver]
Black Cat (Harvey) Collected Judo Lessons only
Little Max Comics 015 [diff ver]
Eva the Imp 001 (diff ver)
Fawcetts Funny Animals 021
Cyclone Comics 002 (very inc)(Tornado Tom and Volton only) -upgrade
What Happened To A Library Book (1907)
Dotty Dripple 018
True Brides Experiences 016 (small scans)
Haunted Thrills 011 [diff ver]
Negro Romance 03
Daredevil Comics 065 (now c2c) -upgrade
Daredevil Comics 069 (now c2c) -upgrade
Spirit Section 1941-12-21 [Baltimore Sun] (B&W)
Man O'Mars 01 (IW)(diff ver)
Pocket Comics 02 (re-edit)
Black Cat (Harvey) Collected Text Stories
Joe Palooka 096
Spirit Section 1941-12-14 [Baltimore Sun] (B&W)
Target Comics v05 04 (diff ver)
Davy Crockett UK 11 (US #1+2)
Target Comics v04 11 (diff ver)
Spirit Section 1941-12-07 [Baltimore Sun] (B&W)
Justice Traps the Guilty 033
Youth You Supervise (1954)(U.S. Dept. Of Labor)
Andy Devine 02 (diff ver)
Target Comics v04 11 [rescan] upgrade
Hello Buddies 017 [v03 n04]
Spirit Section 1941-11-30 [Baltimore Sun] (B&W)
Freddy 03 (Blue Bird)
Humphrey v1 021
Bulletman 003 (GM removed) -fixed
Spirit Section 1941-11-09 [Baltimore Sun] (B&W)
Jumbo Comics 106 (now c2c) -upgrade
Jungle Comics 004 (now c2c) -upgrade
Bulletman 009 (upgrade) -JVJ
Shooting's Fun For Everyone (1957) -upgrade
US Fighting Air Force 011
Joe Palooka 047
Bill Boyd Western 17
Joe Palooka 097
Percy and Ferdie (1921)
Blue Beetle 027 (Upgrade)
Spirit Section 1941-11-02 [Baltimore Sun] (B&W)
Joe Palooka 038 (c2c)
Timmy the Timid Ghost 05 (Blue Bird)
Top Adventure Comics 01 (IW)
Little Max Comics 046
Spirit Section 1941-10-26 [Baltimore Sun] (B&W)
Rags Rabbit 014
Comic Comics 001 -upgrade
Dotty Dripple 012
The Pixies 005 (diff ver) -fixed
Tor 004 (diff ver)
Illustrated Catalogue of Papier Mache, Linen, Wax, Wire and Show Masks (1915)
Spirit Section 1940-09-22 [Baltimore Sun] (B&W) -upgrade
Spirit Section 1946-05-05 (Chicago Sun)
Spirit Section 1943-03-14 [Philadelphia Record]
Spirit Section 1941-09-14 [Baltimore Sun] (B&W)
Jonah J. Goldstein -For better living in a greater city (1945 giveaway)
Best Books 564 (Gobs of Love)
Spirit Section 1941-08-17 [Baltimore Sun] (B&W)
Spirit Section 1941-08-10 [Baltimore Sun] (B&W)
Strange Confessions 001 (no ifc)
Spirit Section 1947-01-12 (Chicago Sun)
Spirit Section 1946-06-30 (Chicago Sun)
20 Mule Team Brigade (1904)
Spirit Section 1946-06-02 (Chicago Sun)
Jumbo Comics 001 (diff ver)(no bc)
Supermouse 014 (diff ver)
Planet Comics 046 (diff ver)
Redskin 011 (diff ver) -c2c
Captain Science 002 (diff ver)(now c2c)(upgrade) -JVJ
Spirit Section 1941-07-20 [Baltimore Sun] (B&W)
Rocket Book (1912)
Humphrey v1 017 (inc)
Slant Book (1910) -upgrade
Topsys & Turvys_(with flips) (1893)
Joe Palooka 060
The Hole Book (1908)
Peter Newell's Pictures and Rhymes (1899) -fixed
Spirit Section 1941-07-06 [Baltimore Sun] (B&W)
Little Max Comics 013
Supermouse 015 (diff ver)
Tim Holt 34 (diff ver)
Planet Comics 039 (diff ver)
Kerry Drake 031
Little Max Comics 021 (diff ver)
Mopsy 002 (upgrade) -ibc
Red Band Comics 003 (upgrade and edit)
Spirit Section 1941-06-29 [Baltimore Sun] (B&W)
Murder Incorporated 015 (1949)
Target Comics v04 04 (diff ver)
Captain Atom 007
Frisky Fables 038 [V5 04] (diff ver)
Spirit Section 1941-06-22 [Baltimore Sun] (B&W)
Cowgirl Romances 008 [upgrade] - now c2c
Captain Atom 002
Supermouse 021 (diff ver)
Planet Comics 035 (diff ver)
Fantastic Comics 008 (diff version) c2c
Regalr Fellers 1921
Spirit Section 1941-05-11 [Baltimore Sun] (B&W)
Perfect Crime 026 (updated)
Supermouse 033 (diff ver)
Blue Beetle 056 (now c2c)(SOTI)
Sheena, Queen of the Jungle 04 (upgrade) -now c2c
Mazie 007 (now c2c2) -upgrade
Battlefront 05 (Standard)(one-shot) -upgrade
Adventures Inside the Atom (1948 APG 17-5)(diff ver)
Adventures Into Darkness 006 (upgrade) -now c2c
Eva the Imp 002
Funny Picture Stories v1 003 (upgrade) -JVJ
1000 Jokes Magazine 072
Planet Comics 032 (diff ver)
Planet Comics 051 (diff ver)
Intimate Confessions 005 (upgrade)
Eerie 006 (upgrade) -now c2c
Strange Journey 001 (diff ver)
Bike Comics (1949 giveaway)
Spirit Section 1941-05-04 [Minneapolis Star Journal] (B&W)
Joe Palooka 080
Nyoka the Jungle Girl 072 (diff ver)
Frisky Fables 042 (now c2c) -upgrade
Bughouse 001 (upgrade and edit)
Mazie 004 (small scan)
Headline Comics 018 (upgrade)
Battle Report 005
Charlie Chan 002 (upgrade) -now c2c
First Love Illustrated 074
Young Romance 011 (diff ver) -c2c
Bob Steele Western 005 (diff ver)
1000 Jokes Magazine 071
First Love Illustrated 065
Captain Atom 005 (re-edit)
Polly Pigtails 028 (upgrade)
Oral Roberts True Stories 106 (1957) -upgrade
Blue Ribbon Comics 22 (updated) -now c2c
Space Ace 05 -upgrade (now c2c)
Hello Buddies Special nn-B
Hello Buddies Special nn-A
Crime and Punishment 045 (updated) -now c2c
Crime and Punishment 043 (updated) -now c2c
Crime and Punishment 036 (updated) -now c2c
Crime and Punishment 035 (updated) -now c2c
Crime And Punishment 032 (updated) -now c2c
Crime and Punishment 028 (updated) -now c2c
Eva the Imp 001 (Decker)(damaged)
Lil Ghost 003 (diff ver)
Little Bit 01
Spirit Section 1941-04-27 [Minneapolis Star Journal] (B&W)
Mutt and Jeff 008 (1922)
Spirit Section 1941-04-20 [Minneapolis Star Journal] (B&W)
Spirit Section 1940-08-04 [Baltimore Sun] (B&W)(fixed)
Spirit Section 1941-04-13 [Minneapolis Star Journal] (B&W)
Spirit Section 1941-04-06 [Minneapolis Star Journal] (B&W)
Motor Goose Rhymes (1905)
Spirit Section 1941-03-23 [Minneapolis Star Journal] (B&W)