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I'd like to throw in my two cents for the books "Superman - The War Years", "Batman - The War Years" and of course "Wonder Woman - The War Years" all of which featured WWII stories, jingoistic covers, mentions of buying war bonds and stamps and even some now racist slang such as "Japanazis".  Hitler being punched or made a buffoon is pretty common, especially on such comics as "Daredevil Battles Hitler", but Hitler actually gets strangled by Cat-Man on the cover of Cat-Man Comics #20.  The aforementioned Daredevil also battled The Claw, an exaggerated Asian villain.  National Comics' main character (in the early issues) was Uncle Sam, and there was plenty of stories with him battling an unnamed "aggressor nation" (a thinly disguised Germany).  Wasn't there a cover that depicted Pearl Harbor being bombed before the actual event? 
The pre-1923 strips of Krazy Kat should be okay. (Again, not a lawyer.) It's just the post-1923 strips where someone might have renewed the copyright that could be a problem.
Newspaper strips are a real bugger for checking HP.
JohnC writes about that in the FAQ section here:

I'd think Archie and Mehitabel are PD but I'm not sure on Krazy Kat. 
To be safe I would say DCM would likely not share Krazy Kat.

NOTE - any of these shared here would have to come from original newspaper sources and not from later reprints which would still be under copyright to their publishers.

New Uploads / Re: hufflepuffle upload
« Last post by Yoc on May 24, 2019, 07:42:37 PM »
Thanks again HP!
I'm going to add a better fc and bc scan and see if I can do some cleaning on some of the pages.

Supposedly everything printed in the USA before the year 1923 should be Public Domain.

I am not a lawyer however, so this is not legal advice, just information that comes up doing an internet search.
New Uploads / Re: hufflepuffle upload
« Last post by hufflepuffle on May 24, 2019, 04:59:22 PM »
Alrighty folks! Just in time for Memorial Day, I'm uploading a huge find and massive 52 page Blue Beetle #32 anti-Nazi issue comic!! (well 51 out of 52 pages). No internal back cover or ibc. This one was a big one and took a long time to scan and crop to get mostly respectable looking in my comics viewer. The staff can peruse,edit, or whatever they need to for approval. I just uploaded to the database. Cheers!
I would say Take that Adolf! would be a interesting and unique way of using golden age comics for WWII history. Comics like Captain Marvel and Captain America and Fox Feature Comics all had war support ads aimed for kids like selling Victory Bonds, gardens, pulp paper drives, (even gathering milkweeds in the Fawcett comics).

And some of the covers like Captain America #1 and Blue Beetle #32 are both punching Hitler.

This question is for the knowledgeable staff or mod here. Whether some famous very old comic strips such as Archie and Mehitabel and Krazy Kats are public domain? 



News and Announcements / Re: FTP Access for Donations in May 2019
« Last post by stow on May 24, 2019, 10:51:12 AM »
Only donations during May count

Okay, thanks.
New Uploads / Re: Yoc's Uploads
« Last post by Yoc on May 24, 2019, 08:19:03 AM »
Now up to complete the series -

Happy Rabbit 043 [Nedor1951]-c2c -Titansfan+Yoc.cbz

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