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Title: DCM salutes Alex Schomburg banner - source covers
Post by: Yoc on October 16, 2014, 12:02:04 PM
NOTE - The Black Terror Figurine Raffle has already ended.  PLEASE do not donate in hopes of winning this figurine.  That said donations are very much needed and welcomed by DCM.
( banner18-Schomberg.gif)Some were wondering which covers are being featured in the latest banner.

Here are the cover sources in order:

Amazing Adventures #2
Real Life Comics #44
Dear Beatrice Fairfax #6
Cat-Man #24
Startling Comics #49
Speed Comics #35
Wonder Comics #10
Real Life Comics #12
Captain Easy #13
Exciting Comics #45

Some of these are not on DCM.  If anyone owns one not on the site Please consider scanning it for posterity.

A bio post on Schomburg is on the forum here -,5872.msg52661.html#new

Take care all,