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Title: DCM's BANNER #4 Halloween Event - Who are they?!?
Post by: Yoc on October 31, 2012, 01:17:00 PM
( banner04 - Gilbert Version.jpg)

Hi Gang,
We're anticipating some of you might be wondering who these characters are in our new Halloween Banner by comics pro and DCM member Michael T. Gilbert!

When asked Michael was happy to contribute to our Halloween Event with a new banner packed with GA PD characters.  He's even written a short intro to them for us.

( banner04 - Who is Who.jpg)Here's Michael with links to the books also included -
"Here's our Cast of characters (left to right): Fletcher Hanks' creepy Fantomah (Fiction House's Jungle Comics (, Graham Ingels' Masked Marvel (Youthful's Gunsmoke ( , Jack Cole's The Claw (Lev Gleason's Silver Streak Comics (, Mort Leav's The Heap (Hillman's Airboy Comics (, Charles Biro's Iron Jaw (Lev Gleason's Boy Comics (, Dick Briefer's Frankenstein (Prize Comics' Frankenstein (, Richard Hughes' Black Terror (Nedor's Black Terror Comics ( and various monsters (including Brain Bats from Mars! from Key's Mister Mystery #7 ( by the great Basil Wolverton!

And let's not forget my own creature-killing hero, Mr. Monster---every monster's greatest nightmare! Fred Kelly created a Golden Age version (appearing in Super Duper Comics 03 here ( in 1946, while my revamped version began in 1984 (in Pacific Comics #7 - which is reprinted by Dark Horse here ( -staff). His most recent appearance is in Dark Horse Presents #17 (, just out in time for Halloween!"  (links added by DCM staff)

And there you go!  We hope everyone enjoys the new banner and all the links which lead to some good quality reading!
Title: Re: DCM's BANNER #4 Halloween Event - Who are they?!?
Post by: Yoc on October 20, 2018, 10:07:19 AM
Here is Michael T. Gilbert's Halloween banner again.  :)
Our thanks again to Michael for being so generous with the site.