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Secret Voice, The 01 (one-shot)


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Comic Name: Secret Voice, The 01 (one-shot) (43.22 MB)
Description: 1946; paper; ctc; my scan; published by Great American Comics, a Peter George Four Star Publication
Uploaded by: Michael Barnes
Upload Date: 2009-01-03 00:10:57
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Comment made at: Secret Voice, The 01 (one-shot)
All I can say is that this is one very weird comic book.

Even the coloring is bizarre.


Comment made at: Secret Voice, The 01 (one-shot)
This is actually quite an inspired comic book.  I've NEVER seen a comic try to address the concept of the "still small voice" within each of us until reading this book.  The writers were clearly "tuned in" and  "on the beam" with something pretty good. Sure the jingoism taints it a bit, but in 1945 it was par for the course and pretty tame.  If anybody has the sequel "The Post War Plan" - please post it, as I would love to read what these writers were planning for the world at this pivotal moment in history.

Comment made at: Secret Voice, The 01 (one-shot)
You'd expect it to be war propaganda but it was made after the war and isn't anti-Communist.
I too would LOVE to see the sequel mentioned.


Comment made at: Secret Voice, The 01 (one-shot)
Really cool comic. However at 50 pages it may not be c2c.


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