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Navy Task Force 003 (1955)


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Comic Name: Navy Task Force 003 (1955) (20.58 MB)
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Upload Date: 2006-12-01 06:14:17
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Comment made at: Navy Task Force 003 (1955)
Standard Silver Age U.S.; Full Color; Glossy Cover; Newsprint Interior; Saddle-Stitched; was On-Going Series.
Published by Stanmor Publications #1-3; Aragon Magazines #4-8 (Imprint of Key Publications), February 1954 - April 1956
Published in United States, English language
Issues published: 1-8

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Comment made at: Navy Task Force 003 (1955)
Looks like it's probably missing 2 pages, including the first page of the second story.  There's only 34 scans, where there should likely be 36.  Worth downloading, though, if you like someone who draws like Don Heck on a bad day!  Might be S. FINOCCHIARO, according to Jerry Bails' Who's Who (http://www.bailsprojects.com).
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