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NOTICE - Fawcett Comics changes due to copyright status

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I am not a lawyer, and I am riffing from memory, so...

The simple rule is that works published in the States in 1925 or earlier are in the PD.  No exception.

Works published between 1926 and 1978 without the copyright symbol are PD.

Works published between 1926 and 1963 with a notice, but not renewed, are also PD.

I have seen many claims that most works published prior 1963 are in the PD....  Can't say for sure on that.

Can the letter be posted somewhere? Seems like they admit that some of the books are PD, which could be great!

--- Quote from: Yoc on April 10, 2019, 01:32:47 PM ---Hello gang,
DCM has been informed by Warner Brothers (current owners of Fawcett copyrights) legal representation that several Fawcett books on DCM are in fact not in the public domain and must come down.  We have reached out and confirmed the email as authentic and they have been civil in their dealings with DCM and CB+.  WB is within their rights to ask us to remove these books.

The books they have asked us to remove are:
    Captain Marvel Adventures nos. 3-6, 46-129, 131-141 and 143-150;
    Captain Marvel Jr. nos. 29-34, 36-106, 108-117 and 119;
    Captain Marvel Story Book nos. 1-2;
    Fawcett's Funny Animals nos. 31-79;
    Hoppy the Marvel Bunny nos. 1-15;
    The Marvel Family nos. 1-3, 5-80, 82-89;
    Mary Marvel Comics nos. 1-28;
    Master Comics nos. 61-126, 128-132;
    Whiz Comics nos. 3-6, 64-98, 105-118, 130-153 and 155;
    Wow Comics nos. 36-69.
And any foreign editions containing reprints of copyrighted material from the listed issues.
We have removed the books as requested as well as any compilations with them in it.  If you notice any we have missed (particularly foreign editions) please call our attention to them as quickly as possible so we can correct the situation.

We will add bold notes in their sections about their changes in status and stress which cannot be uploaded again by anyone trying to be helpful and filling missing holes in the collection.

-Staff DCM

--- End quote ---

Phil Prasco:
The current Saturday Evening Post has the following article, which in fact I would not worry about
copyright repercussions, for as their enlightened attitude seems to be leaning towards the idea
that any presentation is better than none. If no eyes are permitted to view your past work, why
in the world would they want to see your current fare. Generally piracy is being looked upon as
advertising.  Why in the world would DC comics (Warner), not want free advertising. They cannot
seem to utilize all the resources they claim.  Very interesting article.

It is a confusination :o Most of the Fawcett Captain Marvels are up on another site which I could mention, or would I get sued? I was looking for other sources for The Monster Society of Evil that might have been used for the limited edition hardcover collection put out in Britain (I think) a few years ago. Search took me to Gwandanaland listings and this other place. Looks like it has a lot of the same scans as DCM used to have, even to the GM files and fiches.

Have a better New Year folks!

Gwandanaland published a Monster Society of Evil collection back in the day.

Once it was learned the final chapter was NOT public doman, they withdrew it from sale.

Since all of the other issues in the series are, in fact, still public domain, Gwandanaland had a contest in which someone write a new final chapter.

That's the version of Monster Society of Evil they currently offer for sale, with all of the originally published chapters except for the newly written final chapter.


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