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NOTICE - Fawcett Comics changes due to copyright status

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Well, damn!  The Fawcett comics are my most visited section of DCM. 

Excuse me, Warner, but I take this personally.  Captain Marvel was one of my father’s favorite characters.  I discovered DCM just a few weeks before he died last year, so I never got to show him any of these comics.  Every Fawcett comic I’ve downloaded has made me feel closer to him and helped me grieve.


I've only downloaded maybe a dozen or so of the now deleted titles, but I'm grateful to have what I do.  I doubt that Warner Bros. will be releasing any more Archive Editions of Fawcett material, which is disappointing. 

I don't see a problem with taking them down. There's enough material on the site to provide plenty of reading material. The funny thing is, a copyright lawsuit has to show damages. Since the site is not charging for the content nor profiting from it, the only damages would be lost sales on their end. Since they aren't publishing the material currently the settlement value would be close to $0. I'm very careful with my cover galleries to never make an attempt to profit off of my site. I listened to a really cool interview with Charles Schultz. He said that the way the copyright laws are written, the copyright holder has to be proactive in shutting down unauthorized use of the material. All they are really doing is showing due diligence whether they care on a personal level or not.

I thought that copyrights apply only to financial or business use of copyrighted material and that they are freely available for non-profit hobby or educational use.  Also, how does Warners view buying and selling of old Fawcett comics? Are they now going to demand a share of a seller's profit from a comic book?

I'm assuming that the books still allowed up on the site are the ones they didn't have a problem with?  Does that mean they all but confirmed Whiz Comics #2 and others really are PD?  This raises even more questions.


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