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NOTICE - Fawcett Comics changes due to copyright status

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Hello gang,
DCM has been informed by Warner Brothers (current owners of Fawcett copyrights) legal representation that several Fawcett books on DCM are in fact not in the public domain and must come down.  We have reached out and confirmed the email as authentic and they have been civil in their dealings with DCM and CB+.  WB is within their rights to ask us to remove these books.

The books they have asked us to remove are:
    Captain Marvel Adventures nos. 3-6, 46-129, 131-141 and 143-150;
    Captain Marvel Jr. nos. 29-34, 36-106, 108-117 and 119;
    Captain Marvel Story Book nos. 1-2;
    Fawcett's Funny Animals nos. 31-79;
    Hoppy the Marvel Bunny nos. 1-15;
    The Marvel Family nos. 1-3, 5-80, 82-89;
    Mary Marvel Comics nos. 1-28;
    Master Comics nos. 61-126, 128-132;
    Whiz Comics nos. 3-6, 64-98, 105-118, 130-153 and 155;
    Wow Comics nos. 36-69.
And any foreign editions containing reprints of copyrighted material from the listed issues.
We have removed the books as requested as well as any compilations with them in it.  If you notice any we have missed (particularly foreign editions) please call our attention to them as quickly as possible so we can correct the situation.

We will add bold notes in their sections about their changes in status and stress which cannot be uploaded again by anyone trying to be helpful and filling missing holes in the collection.

-Staff DCM

Captain DJ:
We have decided to keep this thread open so people can post their opinion and views but please be civil. We will moderate any inappropriate comments or worse case, lock the thread.

I'd be curious to see what documentation they provided, was it copies of registration/numbers?

Hoppy the Marvel Bunny? seriously? ..... Looks like they want to cash in on the popularity of the Shazam film....


--- Quote from: Roygbiv666 on April 10, 2019, 01:48:41 PM ---I'd be curious to see what documentation they provided, was it copies of registration/numbers?

--- End quote ---

We are not going to publicly share the correspondence we've had with WB at this time, sorry.


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