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The Claw's Island of Ricca


Do the comics ever place this island any more specifically than "mid-Pacific"?

I don't remember ever reading anything more specific than "mid-Pacific." Silver Streak #1 says that it's on a trade route to China, though. I've always imagined it being pretty close the The Phillipine Sea.

Reviving this topic from over three years ago, I have further insight as to why Ricca was never given a more exact location. Ricca actually disappeared from The Claw stories relatively quickly. After debuting in Silver Streak Comics #1 and continuing that story into #2, The Claw was absent in Silver Streak #3 through 5. When The Claw returned in Silver Streak #6, they set his fortress in "the remote mountain regions of Asia." Then in Silver Streak #7, they place The Claw more firmly in Tibet and, from then on, seem to go back to Tibet whenever they refer to his origins and family. Basically, they seemingly replaced Ricca with Tibet which is too bad since I like Ricca and would definitely use it rather than Tibet if I were doing a Claw story.


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