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Calamity Jon:
Hi all!

I've put together archives of certain characters and creators, assembled largely from scans hosted on DCM, for my own reading pleasure. I'd like to share these back with the community (Who knows, perhaps a revival of Quality's The Barker is just around the corner, and you'd like to catch up on the original material -- well, are you ever in the right place!), but I'm wondering about etiquette:

All of the material is assembled from DCM uploads, so I'm sure everything is Public Domain. But the collection is assembled from the work of diligent scanners and collectors. Is there a traditional format in which to acknowledge the work of the folks who made the collection possible? Will anyone mind if there's not a detailed list of scanners included? My instincts say that everyone involved deserves a shout-out...

Also wondering if it's considered good manners to include a cover, creator credits, table of contents ...

Thanks folks! Very excited to be sharing these with y'all!

Hi Jon,
Yes to all your questions.  I've personally created a few collections on the site and a cover, contents and credits page is very good form.  I try to list the original scanners when known in the credits page or in the case of the later Rangerhouse archives that I did the graphic design for I included that info on each cover scan that went between the stories.

One thing you don't ask is about re-editing the scans.  Normally I suggest you not tweak them unless there is a very good reason.  And if there are some pages from a fiche source please mention that in the description area of your file uploads.

There is a single file size limit on DCM.  If your collection is over 120MB please break it into two parts or as many as needed.  There is a tutorial on how to upload to DCM that covers a lot of basics you should read as well on file names and hitting 'confirm' at the end of the upload:,1882.0.html

Oh I highly recommend using Chrome as a browser when uploading as it will show a percentage uploaded in the bottom left of the screen that Firefox does not show.  So you know it's actually working.

Finally, I would discourage people from creating collections for characters that have dozens of stories or had their own comic.  I typically choose characters that were unique or focused on artists and their work on a character or for a particular publisher.  ie Wolverton's works, or the Frank Thomas archives I also helped create.

Feel free to ask any other questions you might have here.

Calamity Jon:
Fantastic, thanks! I'll keep an eye out for the size limit, and I'll get cracking on my cover and addendum ... So far, my collections are either for lesser-known characters (all Quality at the moment) or for specific creators, so I think they ought to be valuable to the community. Thanks again, I'll get 'em put together!


Sounds great, good luck with these Jon.


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