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Newspaper comic "Urge to Kill"


Anyone remember the cartoon from the 1950's that had the text "Urge to Kill" with a frying pan flying at someone's head?   I don't know if that was the title.  The artwork looked like that in "They'll Do it Every Time."  If you know where I can see "Urge to Kill" please email. 

IIRC, "Urge to Kill" was a part of Jimmy Hatlo's They'll Do It Every Time. Sometimes it would simply be the words, with an arrow pointing to an angry character. After the tag-line caught on, there might be an Urge to Kill panel within the Sunday strip.

Do hope my memory's working properly.

Along with Lil' Iodine, it was one of my favorite Sunday comics....I'm 70 BTW...

erwin-k, Your memory is outstanding!  MUCH better than mine.  I looked at countless Hatlo cartoons at the site linked below & none had the "Urge to kill" words or the flying skillet.  But I recognized the drawings right away & his thanking of people who gave him ideas.  For awhile he even gave their addresses!  I had no idea this comic ran for so very long.  I only read it in the 50's/60's. I should have come back to this site & seen your prompt reply over 4 yrs. ago, DUH.  Thanks a MILLION!  Gene Jacobs.


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