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.cbr trouble


I just gotr a new computer. I downloaded WinRar and CBR. I can read CBRs that I download but I can no longer create CBR files. I used to do this by highlighting a set of JPGs and creating a RAR, then changing the .rar file extension to .cbr. This no longer works. When I change the .rar to .cbr and open it, the .cbr is blank. I can convert it back to .rar and everything is there.

Captain DJ:
Hi Kevin,

Never seen this. Create a small cbr file with few images and if same result sent it to and I will take a look at the file.

Captain DJ

Hi Kevin,
For people wishing to share files on DCM we really would prefer people upload CBZ/Zip files which are not a proprietary format.
As for your problem it is an odd one I've never heard before.  CaptDJ here might be able to help when he sees a sample from you.


Thanks, will do. In doing that I also discovered that if I take one of your .cbr files and convert it to .rar and back again it also comes up as a blank .cbr

Geo (RIP):
Now that is odd, be sure to give Capt. DJ your operating system OS, that may have something to do with it, but I wouldn't think so. Weird!  :o

- Geo


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