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I have recently found a problem when trying to log on to the forum. I can get on from my work computer (which is what I am writing from now), but when I try it at home, I get a message telling me that I have been banned from the forum for posting commercial links. I have never posted any commercial links (nor do I have any to post, even if I was so inclined), so that part is just confusing. There is also the fact that there seems to be no problem with my actual account, as I can log on from my work computer. Is it possible that remaining logged on on the work computer is causing the issue when I try to sign in from home?



Captain DJ:

Can you take a screenshot of the error and either PM it to me or via an e-mail to: and also include your home IP address as well.

I will then look through the ban database and remove your ban. Chances are your IP / Host has accidentally triggered a ban from a previous spammer etc.


Hi K,
Very, very sorry about this. 
You can type 'what is my ip?' into Google or Bing when you are home to learn what IP you are using and let us know.  We should be able to fix the problem once we know.

Sorry about about this,

Geo (RIP):
Yes, sorry to hear that this happened. Hopefully it's just an isolated incident, not a major problem with others too.

- Geo

Thanks for the replies and no need for such contrition. I understand that these things can happen.

I will send the screenshot with the ip address when I get back to my home computer.




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