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Here's one of my favourite categories of these pictures - KIDS!

This is the first batch for you: message pictures/newsstands/1938-boys_reading_comics_in_sf_chinatown_John_Gutmann.jpg message pictures/newsstands/1938-Japanese.jpg message pictures/newsstands/1939-kids-More_Fun_46.jpg message pictures/newsstands/1941.03_-Marvel_Mystery_Comics_17.jpg message pictures/newsstands/1941.08-Batman6.jpg            1                       2                         3                        4                        5
#1 1938-Boys reading comics in SF Chinatown by John Gutmann (1905-1998)
A bio on Gutmann can be read here:

#2 1938-Japanese girls reading Detective Comics #18 (August 1938) on left and an unknown issue of Popular Comics on right.
Source unknown.

#3 1939 or later. There is a More Fun Comics #46 (August 1939) and another unknown issue of Popular Comics on the far right.
Source unknown.

#4 1941.03 or later.  A boy reading Marvel Mystery Comics #17 (March 1941).
Source unknown.

#5 1941 or later.  All in the gang here!
Reading material includes: (l-r)
Walt Disney's Comics and Stories v1#11 (August 1941), Batman #6 (August-September 1941), Famous Funnies #63 (1939), Samson Comics?
Source unknown. message pictures/newsstands/1941.12-Tip_Top68.jpg message pictures/newsstands/1942_reading_Superman19.jpg message pictures/newsstands/1943.03-marvin_johnson_with_kids_in_montgomery_alabama.jpg message pictures/newsstands/1946-47_Morris_Engel.jpg            6                        7                      8                       9

#6 1941.12 or later.   Holding a copy of Tip-Top Comics 68 (December 1941).
Source unknown.

#7 1942-NYC - A boy reading Superman #19 (November 1942).
New York, N.Y. Children's Colony, a school for refugee children administered by a Viennese. German refugee child, a devotee of Superman.
Digital ID: (digital file from original) ds 04108
Reproduction Number: LC-DIG-ds-04108 (digital file from original)

Larger versions of this photo can be found at the following link:
Shared on this page about the first comic book burnings:

#8 March 1943. Montgomery, Alabama.
"Marvin Johnson, truck driver, reading the 'funnies' to his children."
Photo by John Vachon for the Office of War Information.

Part of: Farm Security Administration - Office of War Information Photograph Collection
Administration Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress (LC-USW3- 021824-E [P&P] LOT 286)
This photo and others like it by John Vachon can be seen at the following link:

#9 1947 or later.  Comics, NYC
By Morris ENGEL (1918-2005)(USA)
Title : Comics, NYC
An unidentified young boy ina checkered shirt reads an issue of Ha Ha Comics as he stands before a wall of other comics, New York, New York, 1946. Other visible titles include Nyota the Jungle Girl, Captain Marvel, Blondie, and Superman. (Photo by Morris Engel/Getty Images)

More on the career of Engel can be read here:

Comics on the wall: Top left
Nyoka #7 (May 1947), Capt. Marvel #55 (March 1946), unknown, All-Negro #1 (June 1947)

Goofy Comics #20 (June 1947), Jo-Jo #4 (Dec 1946-/Jan 1947), Treasure Comics #8 (August-September 1946), Superman #48 (September-October 1947), unknown True Comics

Humdinger v1#3 [3] (September-October 1946)

He's reading-
Ha-Ha Comics #44 (August 1947) which was on the stands in late June according to the scan on DCM and the cover stamp it has.

Hope everyone is enjoying these!  More to come...

#2 I would guess Popular Comics #30.

#3 Pretty sure that's Popular Comics #42.

#5 Logo doesn't look right for Samson, from Fox, but I couldn't find anything that came close.

Thanks for your suggestions SS.
Sampson appeared in Big-3 as well as his own book.


Hi Gang,
As promised not long ago here are some pictures of kids.  The first few are from hospitals. message pictures/newsstands/1948.10-Hospital.jpg message pictures/newsstands/1950.03-HOSPITAL2.jpg message pictures/newsstands/1951.07-hospital_donated_comics.jpg message pictures/newsstands/1951.07-hospital_donated_comics2.jpg message pictures/newsstands/1951-orphanage.jpg           1                      2                       3                        4                        5

#1 - 1948.10-Polio Sufferers
[original caption] Kenneth Reeves and Kent Gant reading comics at the US Navy Hospital in Corona, California, 1948. The boys are recovering from polio during an epidemic of the disease in southern California.
(Photo by US Navy/FPG/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

#2 - 1950.03-Kids on beds
The boy is reading Felix the Cat (Dell) #4 (August-September 1948)  and the girl is reading Leading Comics (DC) #41 (February-March 1950).
Photographed by Otto Rothschild

#3 - 1951.07-recovering from rheumatic fever
Looking pleased with his comics haul you can see a Popeye comic in front as well as:
Police Comics (Quality) #95 (October 1949)
Jiggs and Maggie (Pines) #15
Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies (Dell) #109 (November 1950)
Red Ryder Comics (Dell) #73 (August 1949)

#4 - 1951.07-recovering from rheumatic fever 2
The boy is reading Chic Young's Dagwood Comics (Harvey) #2 (November 1950).  Also seen is:
The Adventures of Alan Ladd (DC) #8 (December 1950-January 1951)
Walt Disney's Comics and Stories (Dell) v11 #7 (127) (April 1951)
The Katzenjammer Kids (David McKay) #10 (Autumn 1949)
Four Color (Dell) #313 - Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse in The Mystery of the Double-Cross Ranch (February 1951)

#5 - 1951-San Francisco orphanage
Boys in a San Francisco orphanage in 1951. Looks like boy on right is reading New Heroic Comics (Eastern) #61 (July 1950) and listening to a crystal radio set. message pictures/newsstands/1955.01_Iron_Lung.jpg message pictures/newsstands/1907-buster_brown_book.jpg message pictures/newsstands/1933-34_NYC-John_Albok.jpg message pictures/newsstands/1940-50s_captain_and_mary_marvel_costumes.jpg message pictures/newsstands/1940-50s_Christmas_Superman_costume.jpg message pictures/newsstands/40s_Kids_ batman.jpg           6                       7                      8                       9                      10                      10A

#6 - 1955.01-iron lung
A heartbreaking picture.  [original caption] Poliomyelitis Sufferer Reads a Comic Book
A patient suffering from infantile paralysis reads a comic book attached to the rim of his iron lung. The iron lung maintains breathing for the patient by operating his lungs.
(Photo by © Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images)

#7 - 1907.12-Buster Brown.jpg
Now going way way back we see a child reading:
Buster Brown Goes Fishing
London, Dean and Son, Ltd.  (1907.12)
Found on

#8 - A kid reading a comic on Madison ave in 1933 or 1934.
[original caption] Boy reading comics in front of newspaper store, west side of Madison Avenue between 96th and 97th Streets.
Photo by John Albok (1894-1982)

A large version of this can be seen here:

#9 - 1940/50s-Capt and Mary Marvel costumes
Credit: Abrams ComicArts

#10 - 1940/50s-Christmas Superman
Original source unknown.

#10A - a 1940s Batman
Original source unknown. message pictures/newsstands/1941.09-kids.jpg message pictures/newsstands/1944.09-boy-reading-superman_30.jpg message pictures/newsstands/1945.02-boy-Detective_96.jpg message pictures/newsstands/1945-LIFE.jpg message pictures/newsstands/1946-comicskids.jpg           11                     12                     13                       14                      15

#11 - 1941.09-Millworkers' children. Holyoke, Massachusetts.
September 1941. The planes look like fun, but we'll take that comic book. Photo by John Collier.

Collier, John, Jr, photographer. Mill worker's children. Holyoke, Massachusetts. Hampden County Holyoke Massachusetts United States, 1941. Sept. Photograph.

Dell's The Comics # 1 (March 1937)

#12 - 1944.09-boy reading Superman
Reading Superman (DC) #30 (September-October 1944)

#13 - 1945.02-Boy on a bench
Reading: Detective Comics (DC) #96  (February 1945)

Found on

#14 -1945-on the bus
[original caption] A mother reads her children the comics while traveling on the "El Capitan" train between Chicago and Los Angeles, 1945.
Photo by Sam Shere—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images

#15 - 1946-kids in stairwell
Far left is reading an unknown issue of Four Favorites (Ace)
Third boy from left - Marvel Mystery Comics (Marvel) #70 (March 1946)
On floor -Science Comics (Ace) #1 (January 1946)

Source unknown.

More kids in a future update!

I've added a new Batman costume as #10A for this set of pictures.  Source unknown.


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