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This topic will feature some famous readers and comic creators from over time.
Enjoy! message pictures/newsstands/1931-walt disney mickey mouse 1 in 1931.jpg message pictures/newsstands/1940.03-Gene Autry & Jane Withers.jpg message pictures/newsstands/1940.03-Jane Withers reading Whiz Comics 3.jpg message pictures/newsstands/1940.06.14 -Mickey Rooney ad.jpg message pictures/newsstands/1941-JoeLouis Superman12.jpg           1                      2                        3                        4                       5

#1 Here's one of Walt Disney holding his new comic for the masses Mickey Mouse #1 (1931)(David McKay)  A strips reprint title.  You might call this a CLASSIC PHOTO, it's all over the net.  Some show more on the right side.  You can see a nice colourized version of it here on

#2 + #3 Next is from Mar. 1940 - actors Gene Autry & Jane Withers reading Whiz Comics #3 (March 1940).  Jane is thrilled to be reading the same book in the next picture.

#4 Not to be left out actor Mickey Rooney is seen here reading Master Comics #3 (June 1940) in a house ad found in [/color]Nickle Comics #2 (May 31, 1940) here.  This one is kinda interesting because Mickey's Master 3 differs from the one later sold on the stands!  Take a look at the cover showing on GCD here and note the characters in the circles along the right side of the book.  Then look at Mickey here again and you'll see the differences.  And the back cover of Mickey's Master 3 is different as well.  Heritage Auctions shows the back cover for the book here if you scroll down on the page.
The exact same picture of Mickey can be seen here in Special Edition Comics #1 but this time he is reading Master Comics #5.  Some dark room trickery here.

Sadly DCM doesn't have a scan of Master Comics #3 or #5 so if you own one PLEASE scan it or let us do it for you.

#5 Is the Heavy Weight Champion Joe Louis (The Brown Bomber) reading Superman #12 (Sep/Oct 1941).  Louis became champ on June 22, 1937 and held the title for a remarkable 11 years – the longest of any heavyweight!  You can read more about Louis at this site.

See you next time,

Geo (RIP):
Yoc the photo of Bob Hope with the little girl, she has polio, it was a disease very rampant during the '40-'50. My cousin had it, late '50's early '60's they found a cure, so no more iron lung machines. We even had a President that had polio, they would lock his legs when he would   give a speech so he could stand for long periods.
Just thought you might like to know about it.
- Geo

Hi Gang,
Here's another batch of Famous Faces for you to enjoy.  Not all are reading comics but it's pretty close to all. message pictures/newsstands/1915-charles-chaplin-reading-books2.jpg message pictures/newsstands/1915-charles-chaplin-reading-books.jpg message pictures/newsstands/1915-charles-chaplin-reading-books-ad.jpg message pictures/newsstands/1942.01.01-John_Wayne.jpg message pictures/newsstands/1942.10.28-Laurel_and_Hardy_with_Spy_Smasher.jpg           1                        2                        3                         4                    5

#1 - 1915 -Charles Chaplin 1
From the archives of Roy Export Co. Ltd.

These Chaplin pics were used in house ads for Judge and Film Fun magazines.
See sample

#2 - 1915 -Charles Chaplin 2
From the archives of Roy Export Co. Ltd.

#3 - 1915-Judge Quarterly ad
And here is how they were used in the June 26, 1915 issue of Judge Quartley.

#4 - 1942.01.01 -John Wayne and family
John Wayne's World
1942: American actor John Wayne sitting on a chair and reading a Prince Valiant comic with his four children, Hollywood, California. From left: Patrick, Melinda, Toni, and Michael. Patrick and Melinda are leaning on their father, while the other two children listen from a desk and the floor. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

#5 - 1942.10.28 -Laurel and Hardy
Source unknown.

Reading Spy Smasher #7 (October 28, 1942) message pictures/newsstands/1944.06-Glenn_Stange_as_Franky.jpg message pictures/newsstands/1944.06-Glenn_Stange_as_Franky_2.jpg message pictures/newsstands/1944.09-Bogie-reading-Blue_Circle.jpg message pictures/newsstands/1945.04.02-Lucy.jpg message pictures/newsstands/1950.01.01-Buster_Keaton.jpg            6                       7                        8                         9                    10

#6 - 1944.06 -Ole Olsen and Glenn Strange
Ole Olsen and Glenn Strange is having a heck of a time reading the latest adventures of Batman on the set of "House of Frankenstein".

Olsen was part of the Vaudeville comedy team "Olsen and Johnson".

They are reading Batman #23 (June-July 1944)

#7 - 1944.06 -Ole Olsen and Glenn Strange 2
Same as above

#8 - 1944.09-Humphrey Bogart
Source unknown.  Reading Blue Circle v1#3 (3) (September 1944)

#9 - 1945.04.02 -Lucille Ball at a News Stand
Credit: Bettmann / Contributor
Editorial #:   515383836
Collection:   Bettmann

Lucy is holding
Newsweek Magazine April 2, 1945

#10 - 1950 -Buster Keaton and wife
An undated photo shows US actor and film director Buster Keaton (R) and his third and last wife Eleanor Norris (L) reading women's magazine in front of a news kiosk in Paris. AFP PHOTO (Photo credit should read ARCHIVE/AFP/Getty Images) message pictures/newsstands/1950.04-Bob_Hope_2.jpg message pictures/newsstands/1950.11-Joe_Dimaggio_son.jpg message pictures/newsstands/1956.07.01-Elvis.jpg message pictures/newsstands/1956.07.04-Elvis_with_Archie.jpg message pictures/newsstands/1946-martha_holmes.jpg            11                    12                    13                       14                   15

#11 - 1950.04 -Bob Hope Reads Comic to Handicapped Girl
(Original Caption) Bob Hope reads a 'Bob Hope' comic book to a little girl, Alice White, sitting on his lap. The girl has braces on her legs. Undated photograph. (Photo: John Springer Collection/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images)

Reading The Adventures of Bob Hope #2 (April-May 1950)

#12 - 1950.11 -Joe Dimaggio and son
Source unknown.

Reading Walt Disney's Christmas Parade #2 (November 1950)

Blondie Comics #14 (David McKay)(October - November 1949)
Unknown Mickey Mouse
unknown Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse.

#13 - 1956.07.01 -Elvis At Penn Station
At Penn Station, American musician (and actor) Elvis Presley (1935 - 1977) reads at a newsstand, New York, New York, July 1, 1956. Elvis was in New York to perform on the 'Steve Allen Show.' (Photo by Alfred Wertheimer/Getty Images)

#14 - 1956.07.04 -Elvis with Archie comic
On a train somewhere between Chatanooga and Memphis on the Southern Railroad, part of a 27-hour overnight train trip. Elvis is reading a comic book, "Archie and Veronica", there are other comic books around. He is wearing white bucks and argyle socks. His friend Junior Smith is sleeping slightly out of frame, his hand is at right. USA. Early July 4, 1956

© Alfred Wertheimer
Contact Press Images

#15 - 1946 -Buff Cobb
Actress Buff Cobb (one-time wife of journalist Mike Wallace) reads comic books at home in 1946.
Martha Holmes—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images

Reading Whiz Comics #72 (March 1946)

That's it for this batch, more famous faces to come.

Hi Gang,
Here's another batch of famous faces to enjoy! message pictures/newsstands/1930s-Barb_Stanwyck_and_son_Anthony.jpg message pictures/newsstands/1940s-liz_taylor_in_beverly_hills.jpg message pictures/newsstands/1946-former-vice-president-Henry-Wallace.jpg message pictures/newsstands/1945.05.26-AdvOfSuperman-Unlucky_Number_1.jpg message pictures/newsstands/1945.05.26-AdvOfSuperman-Unlucky_Number_2.jpg            1                       2                        3                        4                       5

#1 - 1930s-Barb Stanwyck and son
Barbara Stanwyk married funnyman Frank Fay in 1928 when he was successful variety artist and she was an unknown,  They adopted son Dion Anthony Fay, in December, 1932.

Fay was said to be a drunk, anti-Semite, and a wife-beater universally disliked due to his enormous ego.  Stanwyk loved being a mother, but she hated being Fay's wife. She finally divorced him and began a long and bitter custody battle for the boy.

In 1947, she sent Dion to one of the military schools on the West Coast. But he was forever getting into trouble and running away from school. The next thing anyone heard from him was in 1952 when he enlisted in the Army, apparently against Barbara's wishes. Mother and son never saw or spoke to each other again after that day.

This photo was taken by Life during her custody battle in the late 30s.

You can see this photo and many others of them together on this link:

#2 - 1940s-Liz Taylor in Beverly Hills
Taylor at home, 703 North Elm Drive, Beverly Hills (Autumn 1941-1950)
After Francis Taylor relocated his uncle’s art gallery to the Beverly Hills Hotel, the Taylors moved into a home at nearby 703 North Elm Drive. Biographer Alexander Walker described it as “A low building in the Spanish style, with pink stucco walls and red roof tiles, it had a huge round-arched window facing the road and a dusty front ‘yard’ with an olive tree in it.” Elizabeth would call North Elm Drive home for a decade, until her marriage to Nicky Hilton.

#3 - 1946-former Vice President Henry Wallace
Henry A. Wallace reading the comic strip. (Photo by Walter B. Lane/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images)

(Original caption) Former Vice President and Secretary of Commerce Henry A. Wallace reads the comics, 1946.

#4 - 1945.05.26-Adventures Of Superman 1
Here's a unique one - pulled from the tv show
Adventures of Superman broadcast Feb. 25, 1956 (S4, ep67) - The Unlucky Number
Poor Lois - standing in front of Superman AND his comics and doesn't have a clue.   ;)

#5 - 1945.05.26-Adventures Of Superman 2
Here is a better view of the 3 comics on display -

Superboy (DC) #44 (Oct'55)
Batman (DC) #95 (Oct'55)
Superman (DC) #101 (Nov'55) message pictures/newsstands/1947-Bud_Collyer-Superman.JPG message pictures/newsstands/1948.04-Alyn_reading_Superman_51.jpg message pictures/newsstands/1950s-Reeves,_George_as_Superman.jpg message pictures/newsstands/1955.12-Reeves_with_fans.jpg message pictures/newsstands/1957.01.14-George_Reeves_and_Little_Ricky_Ricardo.jpg            6                       7                        8                        9                      10

#6 - 1947-Bud Collyer
Bud Collyer, later known as an author of religious books and as a popular TV game show host on shows like BEAT THE CLOCK and TO TELL THE TRUTH, played SUPERMAN on radio throughout the 1940's.  He also provided the voice of Superman in the 30s Fleischer cartoons and Filmation 1960s Saturday morning cartoons.

Original source unknown.

Reading Superman (DC) #40 (May-June 1946).

#7 - 1948.04-Kirk Alyn reading Superman #51
Kirk Alyn stared as Superman in Republic Serials "Superman" in 1948 and "Atom Man vs Superman" 1950.

Original source unknown.

Reading Superman (DC) #51 (March-April 1948)

#8 - 1950s-George Reeves as Superman
A wonderful shot of Reeves meeting some fans here!  That Superman costume was being sold in DC comics starting in the 40s.
Original source unknown.

You can see this and a ton of other Reeves photos on this link:

#9 - 1955.12-Reeves with fans
Original source unknown.

Holding Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen (DC) #9 (December 1955)

#10 - 1957.01.14-George Reeves and Little Ricky Ricardo
Set photo of Reeves and Lucy's son Ricky.

Reeves appears with Lucy in S6 E13 shown on January 14, 1957.

Original source unknown.  This is a colourized version of the pic. message pictures/newsstands/1946-Mitchum_sons.jpg message pictures/newsstands/1950-Everett_Sloane.jpg message pictures/newsstands/1953.09_or_10-yogi.jpg message pictures/newsstands/1953-Bogart.jpg message pictures/newsstands/1956.07.03-Elvis_B&V.jpg            11                     12                     13                      14                    15

#11 - 1946-Robert Mitchum and sons
Jim (at left), with his father, and his younger brother, Chris, reading a comic strip at their home in 1947.

Original source unknown.

You can read a short bio on Mitchem at this link:

#12 - 1950-Everett Sloane
Everett Sloane. My guess is this picture is from "The Men" starring Marlon Brando

Reading Superman (DC) #62 (January-February 1950)

Likely a movie still or on set photo from a movie mag.

#13 - 1953.09_or_10-Yogi Berra
Original source unknown.

Reading Three Dimension Comics (St. John) #1 (September 1953)

You can see this and many other 3D themed images at this link:

#14 - 1953-Humphrey Bogart in front of a newsstand
(Original caption) American movie star Humphrey Bogart, stylish in coat and bow tie, is busy opening his purse before a newsstand; at the time the actor is shooting, with director John Houston, a movie which will be partially filmed in Italy. Italy, 1953. (Photo by Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images)

#15 - 1956.07.03-Elvis_B&V
Elvis Presley en route from New York to Memphis on July 3, 1956.
Photograph by Alfred Wetheimer courtesy of the Grammy Museum at L.A. Live

You cans see many other Elvis photos of this era on this Rolling Stone site link:

That's it for another batch!

darkmark (RIP):
Elvis is reading a copy of BETTY AND VERONICA, but I dunno which.


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