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How To Read DCM Scans WITHOUT Downloading them with our PREVIEW Feature


NOTE - only registered members who are logged in can use the site to Download or read scans in the Preview feature.

Some members have asked how to read comics on the site without having to download them.
We have a PREVIEW feature for just that reason as well as giving you a look at a scan before you do download.

Here's a tutorial on how the PREVIEW feature works on DCM. 

1. Find a book on the DCM Download site that you might be interested in seeing.

2. Inside the book listings you will see COMMENT, PREVIEW and DOWNLOAD buttons.
Left click on the PREVIEW button (red arrow is pointing at it) to start reading your book from Page 1, usually the cover. Preview Works 1.jpg3. You can continue to read the book in order by left clicking the page once you have finished reading it.

4. Or if you want to jump to a page or story inside the comic you can use the THUMBNAILS icon to the upper right.
(the red arrow is pointing at it in this image) and a set of thumbnails for the book will drop down from the top. Preview Works 2.jpgNOTE - we are aware there is a bug in the thumbnails feature where only one thumbnail shows when you first trigger the feature.  To see ALL the thumbnails from the first page click either the left or right scroll arrow.  The red arrow is pointing at the left one in the picture below. Preview Works 3.jpg5. Once you have scrolled left and right again you will see the entire book as thumbnails starting with the cover on the far left and progressing forward as is shown in the image below.  If you hit the left scroll arrow you can move through the book from back cover and going forward. Preview Works 4.jpg6. And when you are done reading the book you can use the Quick Jump drop down menus to jump to another issue of the same title or jump to a different title or a completely different publisher without having to return the the DCM home page.  The red arrow points to the drop down arrows in the example below. Preview Works 5.jpgI hope this helps everyone to enjoy the site even more than you might already have been doing.  We think the PREVIEW Feature is one of our best features on the site.

Enjoy the scans!
Staff, DCM Preview Works 1.jpg


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