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Author Topic: Comics in the Wild! Welcome to our Vintage Photos section of the DCM Forums!  (Read 2661 times)

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Hi Everyone!
Welcome to a new section here on the DCM forums.  Once upon a time when were were still part of Golden Age Comics (GAC) I started a topic like this that was pretty popular among our members.  It ran for a while but stopped in 2009.  Collecting historical photographs of newsstands and comics has always been an interest of mine and I've wanted to revive the topic here on DCM for a long time.  It's been years but I've finally gotten around to starting it up again here.  But on a bigger scale and in hope others will join in sharing their own pics.

I've started this new section and will have different topics for different types of photos under a few categories:
Anti-Comics Hysteria   Classic Photos   Famous Faces   Famous Places   Foreign   
History   Hospitals   Kids     Life Magazine   National Geographic   
Posed & Recreations   Pulps   Military   Then & Now   Newsstands/Drug stores

Every week I'll be adding more photos to here to give you a look back in time.  Historical photographs of the books we have been lovingly trying to preserve here on DCM for sale on newsstands displays or inside drugstores.  Photos of people reading different books is another fun theme you'll find here, some of them might be even famous!  :)

There are a number of historical photos that have been shared many times because they are just that good!  I'll be calling those 'classic photos' when I share them here.  You might have seen them many times already but I've done my best to find the best version and list their contents when it can be seen (and those books I couldn't figure out perhaps someone here will help nail them down).  I hope there will be many you haven't seen before as well.

Newsstands predate comics by a long time so there will be several that show pulps or popular magazines from pre-1935 that I think are still interesting enough to fit into this project.

Please feel free to comment on the pics and add your own if they like.  But if I already have your picture, especially if mine is of a better quality, please don't be mad if I upgrade it or move it to a different place that fits better in with others like it.

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