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Captain DJ:

That feed/page isn't provided by us and chances are it was created using their service by a member.

Problem with way feed43 works is by parsing a websites html and so any changes to the website in future could easily break the rss feed it generates. As far as I am aware we have not updated any of the website code in a few weeks now so if issue only started happening recently it wasn't us. Only other change that has happened in last 24 hours is that we renewed our https certificate but that shouldn't have caused any issues.

If you did want to try fix it without adding it to your host file then you could try going to:

and following their rss wizard using the page:

The result from feed43 website will then be an rss feed of last 100 uploaded comics.

I've never actually created a feed there and the introduction pages made it sound like a learning curve that I didn't want to initiate.

The link I posted did exactly what I wanted. I'm not sure who created the feed.
I trust you that it's probably not your (inserted) code causing the browser window to launch.
I'd been using that feed for so long that I didn't realize that it was a third party service.

For now, my work-around is solving the problem. It's also giving me a little more privacy. Twitter doesn't need to know I'm visiting this site. It's none of their business.
It's bad enough that Google can track where people go with their ad service and their Chrome browser.

Thank for your input.

Thanks for your posts on this Gene.


--- Quote from: Yoc on December 09, 2017, 08:24:00 PM ---Thanks for your posts on this Gene.

--- End quote ---

I will include this instruction for updating thew hosts file.
It's a little trickier in Windows 10 than it was in previous versions.

The hosts file tells your computer that you are hosting a domain name.
I added the line ""

Administrator rights have to be used to resave the updated file. The file is saved without a suffix.

The result:
When Thunderbird tries to access the web to open an image requested by the script, it stops at my computer and can't find it. The request never goes to Twitter. The browser isn't opened to view the image and I'm able to look at the messages like normal. If Twitter ever uses this domain for any critical functionality, it could break the ability to use Twitter. Right now, Twitter is working fine for me.


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