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I love that there is an RSS feed so that I can see what comics are uploaded and it's delivered to my email inbox.
I hate the fact that as of today, opening the notification gives me a Twitter pop-up on every message.
I don't like my browser opening when I'm reading an RSS feed notification.
That is REALLY annoying. >:(

Not only that, it's a blank page.

--- Code: ---<!DOCTYPE HTML> <meta chartset="utf-8"> <title>Twitter Widget Log Helper</title>
--- End code ---

Captain DJ:
I would advise you Google: "Twitter Widget Log Helper"

This might not even be anything to do with our website.

Can you post me your browser name? ie Chrome? Firefox? Internet Explorer?
What RSS feed url are you using?
What service are you using to get it delivered to your e-mail?
What is the url of the page that is blank?

Once I have all the above information I can take a look if it is our site causing the issue.

It's the same feed path that someone posted here many years ago.

I haven't changed anything.

I'm using Thunderbird 52.5.0

The feed above is managed by Thunderbird and it populates the list without a browser.

Firefox 58.0b9 opens into the following URL:

Again though, I got the link here and only in the past few days has the browser started opening.

Are you using a "Twitter share button that calls http(snip)"?

I've done a work around solution.

I added "" to my hosts file. Since the browser opens to display a 1px image to track me at that site, updating my hosts file stops if from finding the image online. Since it can't find the image, the browser window never needs to open.

There appears to be no lost functionality if I login to Twitter itself. This may have been a good thing. One less site stalking my activities online.  :)


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