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3 Years later - torrent? Newsgroup?


Long time lurker here. I see the last time this question was raised was 2014 and the answer was 'we like things how they are.'  I imagine this is going to go over like a lead balloon then but I'll kick myself if I don't try.  Why not use torrents or usenet?  Right now all the DCM files are in one central place, someone has to pay for that bandwidth. For a user to access the collection he's got to click in individually to each and every file. It's a ton of work for the collection to be properly accessed on anything but a piecemeal basis. You're limiting how the collection can be accessed and ultimately limiting any preservation goals you have.
A torrent can decentralize the bandwidth costs.  Every year or so I remember this place exists. I open some tabs, download a few copies and just give up because of the sheer tedium.
Arguments against - I can't think of many? Is it versioning- fear that an earlier scan will stay in circulation when a better copy is scanned? That should take care of itself in the long run. . and it could be avoided by having a baseline torrent file maintained centrally and seeded by members. I would get behind seeding that.
If the goal of this site is to preserve old comics, it can't do as good a job as letting the files be more available than they are.

Captain DJ:
Thanks for your suggestion but currently we are focused on other areas of the site and not currently looking in other methods of distribution. Every year (normally starts in May) for 2 months we open up our FTP server to allow users download from the FTP server so keep an eye out for that if you wish to download on mass.

As for bit torrent, that would only really work for series that we have a complete run of otherwise every time someone adds a new issue to the series we would need a new torrent which would even more dilute the pool of seeders.

As for saving on bandwidth costs, the majority of our bandwidth is used up by people reading the comics online via our site in the "Comic Preview" feature so using another method of distribution wouldn't save anything.

Oh. Well. Consider me mollified. My apologies - I was seeing the site how i use it; didn't occur to me users read here.  I'll watch for the May opening!

No harm done M.
The May FTP access month has been pretty popular over the years.  It's a pretty good deal and it helps greatly with our server costs.



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