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Hello, I am doing some research on the super heros in female form.  Would love to hear if there are more than the ones I have found out about that of course, are in the public domain.
I know about:
Sally the Slueth
Diane Daw
Polly of the Plains
Betty Blake
Super Ann from Amazing Man
Flyin Jenny
Sheena Queen of the Jungle

Thanks for anyone commenting on this topic.


Kind of a stretch to call some of those SUPERheros.

I would list Sally the Slueth as a Detective.

Flying Jenny was an aviatrix. (Good series though.)

Sheena, Cave Girl, Rulah, Nyoka, Tiger Girl & Zegra would be Jungle Queens (basically female Tarzans).  There is also Tegra, and Fantomah (whom some also list as a superhero because she has powers).

The Black Cat (Harvey)
Black Orchid (Tops)
Black Venus (Holyoke)
Diana the Huntress (Frank Communale)
Lady Fairplay (Progressive)
Lady Luck (Quality)
Lady Satan (Chesler)
Mary Marvel (Fawcett)
Miss America (Quality)
Miss Masque (Better/Standard)
Miss Victory (Holyoke)
The Sorceress of Zoom (Fox)
The Spider Queen (Fox)
Spider Widow (Quality)
Will o' the Wisp (Consolidated)
The Woman in Red (Better/Standard)

There are also female sidekicks, but I'm not sure if you want those or not.

I hope I didn't come off as too negative in my previous post.

There is no hard and fast rule for who is and who isn't a superhero, and for every attempt there will always be some characters who are problematic. ("Why is Batman a superhero, but the Lone Ranger isn't?")

There was a discussion about the topic a few years ago in either this forum or CB+'s forum and I don't believe any consensus was reached.

Heck, I'm not 100% certain all the characters I listed would qualify, they were just on a list I had available.

Another one I remembered.

Tomboy (Sterling)

On the solo side of things there's Yankee Girl from Chesler.

Fawcett's Bulletgirl did not do much, if any, solo work. But she did appear about 100 times. (Plus she pretty much got cloned in the Rocketman/Zip Jet series.)

paw broon:
Yes, the old, old question as to who would qualify as a superhero(ine).  Perhaps as lbsutton has listed Sheena etc., we should use the terms masked mystery women or costumed adventurers.  Anyway, can I add:-
Acromaid, who had 1 issue of her own comic in the late '50's
Val Venture, costumed heroine who appeared regularly with Ace Hart in Super Thriller late '50's
Phantom Maid appeared in Super Duper Comics, late '40's.  This title also had Power Girl.
Electro Girl also appeared and was cover featured in Super Duper Comics, probably only remembered nowadays as a cameo in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen comic.
Tina was a young girl with no costume and dressed as a young English girl but with super powers. She appeared alongside TNT Tom in  Coloured Slick Fun comics, around '49 - '50 ish.
If you also want girls in hoods, masks and robes solving minor crimes and mysteries, there are a few teams, The Silent Three being best known, but there were also, Secret Avengers, Phantom Circle, Grey Ghosts etc.
More recently British comics, or more accurately, British girls' comics,  featured The Cat - there are a few different Cats, Starr of Wonderland, Justine, Spring Heeled Jill who was a female version of the Victorian hero, Spring Heeled Jack(son).
There are some non-English language super/masked heroines.  Let me know if you need more info.


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