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Hardware/tech question related to external drives and Android devices

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Thanks, I will have to look into that.

I was able to solve the issue. Just not the elegant, wireless solution I was hoping for. But, until I can figure out a sexier workaround, this will get the job done.

If anyone else is having issues with a portable NTFS hard drive, and an Android device, let me know and I can give you a quick rundown of what I did.

I am not sure if peazip works with android but it handles rar files. Rar is different from zip. Your android normally handles zip. You first need a file that handles rar that allows your comic reader to handle cbr. You could see if peazip is available or another program for rar on droid.

No, not really Narf.
I'm running a Samsung tablet with Android.  I installed Perfect Viewer and it can read rar, zip, cbr, cbz and PDF.  No problems.  This is why I find the original problem so odd.
I suspect if he could just move the file onto his tablet some way Perfect Viewer would see it and work fine.


This was how I fixed the problem many years ago. At the time rar was new. Probably much more simple now.


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