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Calibre e-book viewer? Collection manager?



Finally getting around to an overdue update of a Raspberry Pi 2 computer, which will get me back on track and caught up with the past year's downloads, Frank Thomas excepted.

Wondering if anyone has experience using Calibre to read and/or organize their digital comics collections?

Calibre is relatively hefty for this machine and used more often for ebook format conversions. I'd welcome any reviews from golden age fans. Bonus thanks for anyone who's used Calibre to convert comics to Kindle mobi format with success. I've a Kindle keyboard (no color) that needs to be upgraded as well and knowing that de-colorizing old comics might inspire the quicker tackling of that project.



Sorry, I can't help with any of this Chris.  But I'm sure some here might be interested in what you discover down the road.



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