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https://digitalcomicmuseum.com/images/DCM banner71 - Most Wanted WIDER ver.gif*Anyone curious what comics are featured in the Wanted Comics List banner above you can go to this topic.*
Hi Gang,
Thank-you for checking out the Wanted Comics List. (1)
(1) This list is a work in progress!

Below is a searchable list of comics we would dearly love to see scanned and shared on DCM someday.

We are always searching for scans to fill holes or upgrade the existing scans that might be small or incomplete.  We're hoping some of you Golden-Age comics collectors out there will consider preserving your books for posterity.  With so many books being slabbed now finding books for scanning is getting harder than ever.  You collectors out there might be our only hope for sharing with the world one of the many books still needed on DCM*.  Even if your book is incomplete or damaged it might be the only opportunity for getting a scan.         
(*As of 06.2022 there are 2783 books listed on the Wanted List)

It is possible to scan a book without risking severe damage to your prized comics.  If you can scan it wonderful, please do so at 300dpi but if you can't scan it or are worried about damaging it you can let DCM Staffer and trusted longtime scanner RANGERHOUSE scan it for you.  CLICK THIS LINK to learn more about getting your book scanned.

Even if you own GA books that are already on the site please check it against our scan.  If your book is more complete or perhaps in better shape we'd welcome a new 'different version' of the comic.  There is no rules against more than one version of a book being shared on the site.  Many of our older scans were done at a lower resolution than typically shared today.  We'd love to have upgrades for them.

REPRINTS - Some out there might have a book needed on the site but it's a modern reprint.  These can NOT be used on the site.  Reprint collections are under copyright even if they reprint comics that ARE in the public domain.  We can only use scans taken from the original books themselves.

NOTE - the list might need some time to fully load.  Please be patient especially if you have a slower net connection.

This is a comprehensive list of comics which are either unscanned, or for which partial or lesser quality scans exist. The list can be searched, filtered and sorted in various ways, so that collectors can check to see if they have books or scans that we still need help with on DCM.  (Note, if you own a book or scan that you feel is an upgrade to one already on DCM you are still welcome to upload it.  Please read Question 11 in the FAQ here.)

See something wrong or missing that you think should be on our list?  Please mention it in a reply below.

If you do happen to have one of the books on the list in your collection please skip down to reply #2 below the tutorial using THIS LINK.

NOTE - we have a tutorial for how to search and filter the list at THIS LINK.


The list is embedded in this post on the Digital Comic Museum forum. When you are viewing the list in your browser, you will see three sets of controls: Filters, Page Navigation, and Data. The Filters allow you to narrow down the amount of information shown; the Page Navigation arrows let you page forward and back one screen at a time; and the Data is the information for each book.

First let's talk about the Data section.


* Publisher - the publisher of the comic. In some cases, multiple values are shown (e.g. Better/Standard or MLJ-Archie-Close Up) since the publisher name has changed during the run of the book.
* Title - the title of the book.
* Issue # - the issue number of the book.
* Status - the status of the scan. It can be one of 5 values:
* Unscanned - No scan is available
* Incomplete - An existing scan is available, but it is missing one or more pages.
* Upgrade - An existing scan is available, but one or more pages are either damaged or are lesser quality (e.g. fiche, photocopies, extremely small images).
* Awaiting Scan - The book is in the hands of a scanner, waiting to be scanned.
* Awaiting Edit - The book has been scanned and is waiting to be edited and posted.
* Notes - this is provided for books that have a status of Incomplete or Upgrade, to indicate the pages which are missing, or the reason an upgrade is needed.
* Source - this indicates if the book is available in one of several collections. The two primary collections in this column are the JVJ Collection (JVJ) and the Library of Congress (LOC). A choice of "Other" indicates the book has been found with another collection/collector.
* Other Info - this column expands on the Status and Source columns. For "Unscanned" books, it will indicate another collector who has a copy. For "Awaiting Scan" or "Awaiting Edit", it indicates who is working on the book.Note that you can click on the headings for any of the columns, and the list will be sorted by that value. One click will sort in ascending (A-Z) order, while a second click will sort in descending (Z-A) order.


There are four filters on the left, that let you narrow your search by publisher, title, scan status, and available sources for unscanned books.

For Publisher, Status and Source, you can click the drop down to see the available choices. Initially, the checkboxes for all values are checked. If you hover over a value, you can click on ONLY to show only the rows that contain that value. Alternately, you can check multiple values to show rows that match all of the selected values.

For Title, type in the box and press Enter, and the list will refresh to show all titles that contain the text string that you typed. The text you type can appear anywhere in the title (beginning, middle or end). Also, be aware that the value you type is case sensitive. If you type "captain", it won't find "Captain Marvel".

Page Navigation

Below the Data section, you will see a set of numbers and "<" and ">" buttons on the right. The numbers on the left indicate which books in the list are currently being displayed, and the total number of books present for the current filters that are in effect. For the initial release of the list, the numbers will be "1 - 50 / xxxx" meaning that items 1 through 50 are being displayed, out of a total of xxxx items. If you press the > button once, the window will show the next page, and the numbers will change to "51 - 100 / xxxx". If you use the filter to only show books whose publisher is Avon, the navigation numbers will be "1 - 50 / 89".

At the top right of the window, just below the Source filter, are three vertical dots. If you click this, it gives options for sorting the values by different columns, resetting the filter values to their defaults, and an export function that will let you download the currently filtered set of books as a .csv (comma separated value) text file. (In case you want to print it out for your next comic store shopping trip)

So, did you find something in your collection of books or scans you think we could use?  Wonderful!!   ^-^

Here are some simple steps you need to follow next:

* Double check if your book is on the site. (check the Wanted List above under STATUS).
* Make sure we can allow the book.
* If it's a scan, can it be shared on DCM?
* Is your comic a physical book?  Can you scan it, and if not, are you willing to let a trusted staffer do so for you?
* If you still have questions or a book to share - please use the CONTACT US LINK to send us a message.
Have you double checked it's not already on the list or the site?
Please be sure to look very close at the Wanted List for your book or scan.   Please check for it or any other issue numbers for the same title on the DCM Download site.  You can use the Search Bar above the DCM banner.  (Warning: the search is picky about spelling, etc.  It is not recommended to use 'The' in any search.)  Even if we DO already have your book please check if your copy is more complete or in better shape.  Or if the existing scan is less than 25mb.  We very well might welcome a new 'different version' of the book.

Are you sure we can use your book or scan on the site?
Was your book published after December, 1959?  If so, we can't use it here, sorry.   :(
If you can't find a single example of your book on the site, then CONTACT US and let us confirm if it's safe for sharing.

Remember, only books that ARE IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN can be shared. Modern reprints are Not Allowed on DCM.

Note: Some books are shared incomplete on purpose.
Famous Funnies - no Buck Rogers can be included.
Popular - No Felix
Crackajack - No Tarzan

If it's a scan you have, can it be shared on DCM?
If you have a CBZ or CBR file (under 120mb) and are a member you can upload it to the site.  We have a tutorial of How To Upload A File to the site at this link.
NOTE:  PDF or 7Zip files CANNOT be shared on DCM.  These type of files can be converted.  If needed use the CONTACT US LINK HERE and we can help.

Is your comic a physical book?
If you own a physical copy of a comic we need for DCM, we would love for you to scan and share it here.  We have a very detailed scanning tutorial for how to scan your own book shared here.

OR,  you can mail your comic to Trusted DCM Staff Members RANGERHOUSE to do it for you!  He owns an amazing scanner you can see here which allows them to quickly scan your comic book safely and with little danger to your comic and return it to you.  We can take care of the rest of the steps of getting the book onto the site for sharing.  If you see any books with JVJ in the title, these comic books were sent out to us for scanning by Jim Vadeboncoeur, Jr starting way back in 2008 which has resulted in several thousand scans being shared here on DCM!

Questions or have a book you'd like to send us?
If you have a book you'd like for us to scan, or if you have any other questions, please let us know.  You can use the CONTACT US LINK HERE to send us a message.

Thanks for taking the time to check the list and read the tutorial. It's our hope that we can get as many of these book scanned and shared on the site as possible.

Our heartfelt thanks to MOVIELOVER and A NONNY MOOSE for all their amazing work on bringing this new Wanted List together for sharing on DCM!

This is a great addition to DCM.
My thanks to our members who put this together.
Now to hunt through my books to see if I have any that I can contribute.

Thanks B.
Yep, it's a Huge Addition to the site.  Fingers crossed it brings some more books to the site for everyone.



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