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Any Plans to Archive Dell's Superheroes?


Mr. Izaj:
 After reading the archive work done on a few of the strips in Crackajack Funnies, I wonder if there are any plans to archive any of Dell's superhero features from their anthology titles? I would love to see archives of The Owl from both Crackajack Funnies and Popular Comics; Phantasmo from the pages of The Funnies; and Professor Supermind and Son from the pages of Popular Comics among other features.

There already is a Phantasmo collection http://digitalcomicmuseum.com/index.php?dlid=16451

Some you mentioned are already on DCM.  Look for Professor Supermind and Son and an updated 'Owl' is in the works.


Mr. Izaj:
 What I would love to see is the complete run of these features archived. The Phanatasmo collection is incomplete.

Well, the fact is, not all issues have been scanned, plus, no further issues of Funnies are being uploaded here.


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