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Blue Beetle/Spunky or Sandman/Sandy- What's the Difference?

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I've been reading through Holyoke's Blue Beetle as research for my comic project and I ran into an interesting gaffe. I found it in Blue Beetle #18 which is already an interesting issue because here they start referring to the Blue Beetle's sidekick as Spunky instead of Sparky. Anyway, in the final Beetle story of the issue, "The Sight-Seeing Bus Mystery," I ran into this panel: you can see, Dan and "Spunky" are referred to as "Wes" and "Sandy." My theory is that the writer and/or artist was also a creator for Sandman and Sandy in National's Adventure Comics. Either they slipped and wrote Wes and Sandy's names in by mistake because they were so used to writing Sandman stories that it became reflex OR this was supposed to be a Sandman story and National passed so they ended up selling it to Holyoke for Blue Beetle. The story credits "Art and Editorial" to "Cromwell Bates and Dudley Rutherford." However, movielover's notes at the end of the scan seem to suggest the real identity of the creator is "Willmer." I couldn't find much else about it from my Google searches.

Anyone know anything more about this little mistake?

I can't add anything to this other than thanks for finding it.
Very interesting!

Very interesting. I think the writer of Sandman can be credited as the writer for that story.

This is a great find, CM!!! Hereís my theory of what happened: Ray Willner (the artist) applied
for work at DC/National, circa 1942, and was given a Sandman and Sandy script by Gardner Fox
(who was writing Sandman at the time) to illustrate. When he turned the story in, the Powers that
Be at DC/National found it unacceptable (for whatever reason) or wanted changes. Ray Willner
then repurposed the story as a Blue Beetle and Sparky story, making the necessary changes to the
art and lettering except for that panel you posted.

And Gardner Fox (who had already been paid for the script) never knew he wrote a Blue Beetle
story. Anyway thatís my theory. What do you all think???

As good a theory as any I could think of.
Who would really notice if hadn't be for the one missed slip?



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