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How to "Grab" a Heritage Auction comic cover scan at the revised site....


Anybody have any insight on the newly revised HA site? They have revised the way you view auction items, making it nigh onto impossible to drag the scans to your desktop.
Any ideas?
I know that DCM users often use the front and back scans they have on the site for upgrading our comics here.

The same way I've always done it; "right click" > "save image as" > "select your folder of choice" > "name your file" > "click save"



Yep.  I like this a little more now as I don't have to log-in on the site to get a cover like before.
Just click on the cover and just to the top right of the cover image itself is a magnifying glass with a "+" inside.  Click on it and you see they've got a few options.  I use the 'View Full Size' option and then Right Click on it and Save As.  Works like a charm.

I'm going to move this the the FAQ section as it might come up again.

Thanks for asking B.


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