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Stamp Oddities in Stamp Comics published by Youthful Magazine


I am currently researching the illustrator, author of the Stamp Oddities published in "Thrilling Adventures in Stamp Comics", published by Youthful Magazine.  They were published from October 1951 to January 1953.  Any help regarding the stamp comics themselves and the insert of stamp oddities would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Mel


Our artist spotter expert, JVJ has the artist for Stamp Oddities as Szokoli in the issues #3, 5, 6 and 8. My guess would be that the same artist would have done the others, but I don't know for certain

Thanks for the information.  I will research that angle.  Trying to make a connection with Australian artist Monty Wedd, who illustrated a book entitled "Stamp Oddities".  Monty Wedd is most known for his comics of Ned Kelly.  He also drew stamp illustrations for an Australian publication, Stamp News.   Mr. Wedd died in 2012.  The book "Stamp Oddities" has no publication date.


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