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George Olesen - a pretty good artist

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Hi Gang,
I was poking around the collection here and noticed this artist George Olesen who does some very good work, especially on faces.

I first noticed him in The Hawk #8 (StJohn) here and he blew me away -
He's in The Hawk #4 (St.John) here -
Crime for Hillman in Real Clue v6 #9  here -
Some war action in GI Joe v2 #11 -
(with Dan DeCarlo's Yardbirds as well)

This is the first I've seen him.  That Hawk #8 is the best I've seen of him so far.


I'm with you on George Olesen. Very nice work. He sort of disappeared from the scene when he started pencilling "The Phantom." Some forty years on that strip, and most of it without credit.

Yep, I just read about that on Wiki -

I haven't read any Phantom strips so he's all new to me right now.

I posted his fantastic "Son of Satan" on my horror website:

And the freshly uploaded STRANGE CONFESSIONS #4 has a Olesen lead story:
"I Was an Artist's Model".

I found his work from The Hawk #4 (October 1953) to be pretty good:


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