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Caballero Fantasma, unknown (maybe american-french) comic in spanish (1953)


My first post here.
On Okey magazine (Chile, 1949-1965) there were many uncredited comics, originally published in USA and Europa.
I am looking for authors, pencils, original titles, editors, etc.
In particular now I am interested in "El Caballero Fantasma", a typical hero, always fighting for justice, a very rude man.
Here is one extracted page from Okey, No.188 (march 7th, 1953), published by Editorial Zig Zag:

Hi Jorge,
This is something better suited for the CB+ site that feature a lot of foreign language books.

Good luck.

You are right. Now I am also registered in CB+.
I got the answer there: "Caballero Fantasma" is "Fantax", a famous french comic.
Thanks a lot.

Glad to hear you've found an answer.


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