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Hi Gang,
At the suggestion of fellow admin JohnC and others we are starting a new topic that you can help with.

Here we are going to post links and images that mention our favourite comics site - DCM - that have been found out there in the net and in the media.

I started to put this together when DCM was mention on back in March and DCM's membership explosion afterwards.  If anyone spots a DCM mention out there please add a link or image in a new replay below.

(Yes, this is a tooting our own horn topic but hey, it did take us almost five years before we started it!   ;) )



2010-05-19 - possibly the first mention of DCM online was in the amazing Walt Kelly blog run by Thomas Haller Buchanan - 'Whirled of Kelly' .
DCM staffer OtherEric is still often mentioned there as a frequent contributer.

2010-06-06 - gives us a mention in their News section.

2010-09-08 - BOING-BOING gave us a less than stellar first review but it lead to our best feature so far - the PREVIEW option!  It also led to a huge bump in membership. 
Here's a link to a much kinder later one from 2010 when we got another mention.

The second Boing Boing review was also picked up by many sites - (in French)
All of these resulted in a very nice bump in our membership numbers!

2010-09-20 - Cash Gorman and Brit Reid had an interesting exchange on legal status of some scans on DCM on Flashback Universe.  So far we have never been approached by anyone about scan on the site.  (knock on wood)

2011-06-00 - DCM gets a small burb in the July issue of WIRED MAGAZINE.  Sadly they got our URL wrong! 

2012-02-14 - DCM member/scanner Tilliban launches his FIFTIES HORROR website.  The first of his empire of precode horror sites and a must see.  DCM gets a nice mention.

2012-11-01 - Education blog  Free Technology for Teachers gave us a very nice review.
This was picked up by K-6 ART which suggested DCM a good source for "lesson plans in art, art history, design, illustration, graphic arts, U.S. history, propaganda and communications at every level from upper elementary through college."

2012-11-15 - DCM member AMBERJACK starts to feature kid friendly stories on the Junior Dispatch blog.

2013-12-01 - DCM scanner/editor and donor CBpop runs a nice Tom Corbett Space Cadet site which also thanks DCM here.

2013-04-09 - I was interested to find DCM was being used to help teach conversational English on this site -

2013-06-10 - RazzaTazz touts our romance comics collection in their blog.

2013-08-01 - Some time after July the wonderfully generous Craig Yoe (YOE BOOKS LINK) offered DCM a free page of advertising in his very cool 'Haunted Horror' anthology series.  It appears at the back of #7.  Craig also made the same offer to our own JVJ who publishes a wonderful line on the turn of the century artists in his own magazine series. in media/DCM Ad ver1 -sample.jpgThanks again to Craig for doing this for us and to Michael T. Gilbert for letting us use his cool DCM Halloween banner!

2013-08-05 - The Louise Brooks Society gave us a nice write up pointing out Hollywood focused comics on the site like our western comics.  Something that doesn't often get mentioned. 

2013-10-01 - Mike Madrid publishes his 'Divas, Dames, and Daredevils: Lost Heroines of Golden Age Comics' book.  He includes a very nice mention of DCM in his credit page which I'm going to share here.  Mike then donated a copy of the book for a raffle in December 2013.  It took a bit of work but Poz was finally sent his copy and seemed quite happy with the book.  Mike of course is a DCM member and we wish him on the best with this and any future books he writes.  He's done a couple since IIRC. in media/diva01-DCM credit page.jpg2013-12-23 - Wonderful blog OUT OF THIS WORLD - for a long time was the source for the only partial copy of the totally unique to comics history 'All-Negro Comics #1'.  DCM was able to find a copy to scan c2c for the site.  OOTW made a nice detailed post on the first story that mentions us while covering some of the cultural reference that likely are missed by modern readers - A second story was featured on this link.

2014-02-06 - There's a small mention of DCM in the Digital Journal UK blog -

2014-03-03 - DCM is featured on the blog.  The post is picked up by several other blogs and we gain 2000+ new members in the next four days!  Amazing!

The OC mention is picked up by several other sites including the DANGEROUS MINDS Facebook page[/u]
As well as The Gusto Blog

And The Onion's A.V. Club blog.

The Travelin' Librarian

All Things Visual: The University of Chicago Visual Resources Center

and in France at several sites -

and in Belgium in a popular De Morgen paper.

2014-03-14 - DCM is mentioned as a Resource of the Week on 'This Week in Law'

2014-05-02 - several DCM links in this BuzzFeed op-ed - 'How Censors Killed The Weird, Experimental, Progressive Golden Age Of Comics'

2014-11-19 - Fantagraphics release a wonderful looking coffee-table book Black Light: The World of L.B. Cole which gives DCM and several of it's prominent scanners a mention in their credits page. in media/LB Cole book credits page 2014.jpg

More to come!

New from DCM member Darci -

2014-12-12 - DCM gets a very nice mention on TheNextWeb (TNW) in their Creativity Channel.

Thanks for pointing this out to us Darci!


If anyone out there spots a DCM mention anywhere please post a link to it in this topic, thanks!

Yoc:'ve just learned we've gotten another nice write-up this time on French site -
(warning, there might be some not safe for kids/work pictures on this)

This was picked up by a site in Chile -

From these we've gotten quadruple our usual daily registration of new members.

Over at the Grand Comics Database a search for "Digital Comics Museum" produces 113 results. Most/all of these are for issues marked "Indexed from a scan at Digital Comics Museum."

In addition, on the GCD-Main mailing list, DCM is mentioned on a semi-regular basis.

Good to know Bob.
And we've got a GCD link pinned in our links section.  I think the two sites compliment each other totally.


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