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Merry Christmas everyone!

We've got a banner crop of new scans today.  Thanks Very Much to everyone who have contributed to make the day so cool.
Special thanks to SRCA1941 (Eric) who shared the majority of the books.  And to Michael T. Gilbert and friends for sharing the TOPS Magazine scans.  And finally to DCM Staffer OtherEric who has given us another Peter Wheat issue, perfect for the kids out there today.

Adventures of Robin Hood #1,5,6,7 (giveaways)  -srca1941
Adventures_of_Peter_Wheat_062 (giveaways)  -OtherEric.cbz
Americas_Best_Comics_15_[Nedor 1945]-c2c__srca1941.cbz
Daredevil Comics 065 [Lev Gleason 1950.08]-c2c  -srca1941-Yoc.cbz
Gold Medal Comics (Cambridge House)(132 pages!) -srca1941.cbz
Little Max Comics 25 [Harvey 1953]-c2c  -srca1941.cbz
Real Clue Crime Stories 060 (v05 012) (Mainline 1951-02) (blast from the past).cbz
Strongman_02 [ME 1955]-c2c  -srca1941.cbz
Super Animals #1 [Star 1953][3D]  -SRCA1941.cbz
Tops Magazine 01 [Lev Gleason 1949.07]-c2c  -George Hagenauer+MT Gilbert scan.zip
Wow_Comics_25 [Fawcett 1944]-c2c  -srca1941.cbz

Tops #2 will be going up as part of the DCM 13th Anniversary event coming on March 28th.

Happy Holidays gang!

New today on DCM from builderboy!

Jungle Comics #024 [FH 1941.12]-c2c  -BuilderBoy.cbz

Thanks very much BB for your upgrade to our small old scan.

Thanks to tronvillain for finding upgrades for the Kaanga #4 scan on DCM.
From them SRCA1941 was able to find and recreate the missing ifc as well as missing pages from the back.  The book is now only missing a single txt page to complete the original freddyfly scan.

Thanks guys!

BuilderBoy has uploaded an upgrade to the older JVJ-OtherEric's Fantastic 22 replacing all but one page of the five fiche pages in the file.
Thanks BB!

Now up -
Fantastic Comics 022 (ifc fiche)(upgrade) -JVJ

We've recently started seeing some upgraded scans on the site.
Thanks to agentdynamo and tronvillain for their efforts.  We also noticed some upgrades made by efallov over on CB+ which are also going up on DCM now.

Also recently new on the site -
Judge Parker 01 (Argo) (1956-02) (c2c) (titansfan).cbz



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