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I'm sorry. I know I might look like an asshole because this is my very first message on the forum but I cannot stay quiet for a second.
You really need a call of attention. If I were your mother I would punish you.

This site makes me feel embarrassed.

It is a real pity that such a GREAT web as DCM seems to be
the example of the WORST, SHITTY, 90'S website of all internet.

Please programmers!! Wake up!! We are in 2014! You cannot have a site
with such a terrible, uncomfortable, useless,
counterintuitive design anymore!
Just for personal pride!

Seriously, it seems to be designed on purpose in order to explain how NOT to design a website.
As a new user, my first impulse was to run away! It's a pity as I said
because this site is the paradise for many people.

Now is when I stay as a troll who criticize without giving any solution.
I'm really sorry but I'm not english and writing all what I'm thinking is a lot of time,
so I'll write some advices (like tag searching) another day.
Now I will say that touching and playing with the css is the opposite of difficult, just the css at least!

Here are a couple of comic related sites that I think have a good (or at least normal) desing:

Please, take this message for the positive way and don't stop improving.
Thank you. 

Well everyone has their opinion.  Sorry you aren't impressed.
Those links for example didn't impress me.  DCM is not a blog or news aggregate site.

And yes, this wasn't the best first impression you could make but I'd be interested to see if any other members have an opinion.


I'm not sure what his problem is.

To me the site is clean and easy to use.

The sites he linked to are overly busy, with some verging on visually confusing.

darkmark (RIP):
I was not impressed by your first posting.  Not exactly a great way to win over the crowd.  If you're dissatisfied with the site, find another one.

Site works for me and is quite fine for what it is intended for. Don't let the door hit you on the way out


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