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Story telling thread game using titles of comic books or characters...

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i was just over at Board Game Geek and stumbled upon a wonderful little thread.
My wife had just picked up an ancient childrens' game called "Monkeys and Coconuts"
Well  typed it in and found a fun thread. The thread and the story was just hilarious.
Check it out over here.

So this is what we need to do

So here we go. Please add a comic book or comic book character and if needed a small connector sentence like "with the" "then they went to", etc. etc. to continue the story.
The next post will start the story.

It was the middle of the summer.  The Red Hot sun beat down upon me...

when Vic Tory and His Flying Saucer appeared overhead

Geo (RIP):
...and the Blackhawks followed Vic and his Flying Saucer....

I stopped and stared at a large "Blue Beetle"...


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