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Dave Hayward:
Had me baffled, but it doesn't take much!

Thanks, Yoc.

Dave Hayward:
Another G.I. Jane issue from the rangerhouse collection. -

G.I. Jane 010 - missing ifc + ibc (Stanhall) December 1954.

Scans by rangerhouse, from a coverless comic, the front cover is from HA, the rear from eBay.


P.S. Got the GCD link right this time!  :D

Thanks Dave!
Glad the GCD link worked.

Hi Gang,
Dave here has recently shared TWO new scans from books he's bought.  Now up...

Captain Atom 007 (Nation-Wide 1957).cbz
Frisky Fables v5 #04 [38][Star 1949]-c2c -DaveH.cbz
Murder_Incorporated_015 [Fox 1949.12] -DaveH.cbz

Thanks Dave!


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